Ryan Diamond

Diamond (3) salutes the flag during the National Anthem before the Beaver’s recent game with Breckenridge.

BEAVERTON – For many young athletes high school sports are often the apex of their careers and sometimes their life. Then you have athletes like Ryan who realize that they are meant to do bigger things. High school sports are stepping stones or as I like to say part of your larger “body of work.” They don’t define you, but rather help prepare you for the next stage of your life. Ryan epitomizes that.

Diamond is a senior at Beaverton High School where he played on both the football and basketball teams. He wasn’t a star, but helped contribute to the success both teams experienced this year. 

This was Diamond’s first year on the varsity team. He did not start playing basketball until his freshman year of high school. He improved dramatically over his first three years of basketball and carved out a niche as a shooter for himself this year. He attributes much of his improvement to friend and team captain David Krohn. “He played a big role in making me a better player.” There were a couple of games this season in which his deadly three-point shooting kept the Beavers in the game while others struggled with off nights or foul trouble. Basketball Coach Roy Johnson mentioned that Ryan contributed in many games by hitting his “famous three pointers.”

Football was Ryan’s first love. He started playing in fifth grade and continued to do so through high school. “Ryan always gave us great effort. Though not a starter, Ryan accepted his role and made the most of his time on the field,” said Football Coach Aaron Seiser. “Ryan took a lot of pride in his Scout Team roles, and did his best to make us a better team. His effort was recognized, and as a result, he earned time on Special Teams. He truly bought into the Team concept.”

His future plans probably didn’t come as a surprise to those who know him well. Ryan enlisted in the Army National Guard on his 17th birthday last June. He is taking part in the Army National Guard Recruitment Sustainment Program (RSP) which he described as “training me for basic training.” When we spoke last week it was easy to see how excited he is about his future in the Army.

Upon graduation this spring he will travel to Fort Benning, Georgia for Basic Training. He will remain at Fort Benning after Basic to complete his Advanced Individual Training in his job, which is Infantry. Ryan hopes to make a career in the military.

 As part of the RSP, Diamond is training one weekend a month at Camp Grayling. The training encompasses a wide variety of skills that will help him be successful once he arrives at Fort Benning. The program is designed to introduce recruits to the fundamentals of the U.S. Army before they leave for Basic Combat Training. Probably the most exciting aspect so far is that Ryan has been able to exhibit his leadership skills. He has already been promoted twice to the rank of E3 and is a Platoon Guide. He is in charge of his own platoon at Camp Grayling.

Following Basic Training, Diamond will attend Central Michigan University (CMU) in Mt. Pleasant to study Criminal Justice. He will also participate in the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program so that when he reenlists in the army after college he can enter as an officer with the goal of eventually qualifying for the Army Ranger School. It has always been his dream to be part of the Special Forces.

Diamond’s dream started early. He was four years old when he attended the, going away party, for his Godfather Joe Garvie. He was shipping out to the Middle East and that event left a huge impression on Ryan. “He is one of the reasons I wanted to join,” said Diamond. As it turns out Garvie is now a recruiter and is helping Diamond navigate the process. “We have been having this conversation for a long time so we have mapped out the best possible plan to get me to where I want to go.”

Diamond is the son of Candida Diamond and Matthew Paul Diamond and has three younger siblings; brothers Jake and Nate, and sister Kate. Ryan is extremely appreciative of all the support he has received family, friends and the community. “That’s one of the reasons I joined the military I want to protect the way of life that we have here,” he said.

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