65 – 66 Chevrolet Club thank you

To the Editor:

The 65 – 66 Full Size Chevrolet Club held it’s annual International Meet in Gladwin from August 22 through August 26. 

We would like to thank the following businesses and individuals for their support and donations that helped make this meet a great success. 

Without all of you, this meet would not have gone as smooth as it did.  

A special thank you to Riverwalk Place, Rivertown Inn, Fruchey’s Family Market, Vasher’s Market, Beacon & Bridge Gas Station, Super Flite Gas, Hall-Kokotovich Funeral Home, Jim’s NAPA, Car Quest Auto, Myers for Tires, Subway, Triple M Collision, Wooden Shoe Hardware, Dan Bard, Beaverton Bowl, Gem Theater, Beaverton City Police, Gladwin City Police, Gladwin City, Gladwin County Record, Create-It, S & H Engraving, all of our family, friends, and club members, thanks again to everyone!

Denny Harris,

President, 65-66 Full Size Chevy Club


Responding to last week’s letter

To the Editor:

There was recently a letter to the editor regarding my announcement for candidacy. It is wonderful to have someone with 40 years of experience help to promote exactly why I’m running for mayor in 2022. The biggest challenge I was given was to explain why I think we need more transparency. I can point to many times that I believe decisions were made behind the scenes and deliberation was not held in public. 

I will offer one suggestion which is documentable, not just intuition. In early 2020, we were considering an update to the contract of our highest paid employee. There are very few reasons a public body can go into executive/closed session; to review an individual employment contract is not one of those reasons. 

Please see meeting minutes from February 3, 2020 where it states that “motion by council member X, seconded by council member Y, to go into executive session for the purpose of reviewing the contract extension for the city administrator Z, based on his favorable evaluation.” 

If you read the minutes, which are available online, you will find out how each member voted. 

Also, it is so sad that there are those who believe that participation in public processes should be defined so narrowly. Perhaps people do not run for office because they falsely believe that involvement only includes people attending a meeting in person during the times convenient for a body. I believe people can be engaged by reading meeting minutes, watching meetings virtually when time allows, reaching out to or simply saying a prayer for our leaders. 

I’m not in favor of using the word “deplorable” to describe situations where people are busy. Instead, we should do more to meet our constituents where they are and allow them to be involved in ways that fit into their lives. No one should be dismissed and degraded when they do show up because they have an issue that sparks them. 

Finally, a public office does not need to deal with billions of dollars to require transparency. I believe that every public dollar spent is important enough to demand transparency! If anyone would like more information please feel free to reach out. 

If you’re looking for ways to get involved or endorse, I’d love to talk. I’m ready to learn how I can earn your vote for me, Sarah Kile, for Mayor on November 8, 2022. You can find me on my website www.sarahkile.com or on Instagram and Facebook @sarahkile.

Sarah Kile,


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