Distribution Day 2020

To the Editor: 

I would like to extend a sincere thank you to the volunteers who made the 2020 Distribution Day a huge success. 

From picking up, sorting and packing the purchased items, to delivery of 100 boxes around Gladwin County, this all volunteer crew brightened the day for many the Saturday before Christmas. 

Many thanks to those that sent cash donations for purchasing groceries and to those that brought items to our canned food drive. All of the groceries were purchased locally from Fruchey’s Market, Save-A-Lot, and Family Fare. Thank you to these fine merchants for their continued support. 

Every year, the Fair Board lets the Goodfellows use a building to stage the distribution and we thank them for that. 

The Gladwin Goodfellows Food Distribution has been going on since the late 1930s and exists solely on volunteers and donations. If you think you would like to help by being a route driver for one Saturday morning a year, maybe even start a family tradition, contact me at 989-426-2853.

Mike Ridley

Gladwin Goodfellows


Gladwin City updates

To the Editor:

People have been asking why there is no big Christmas tree this year in the Wards parking lot. The answer is because of our new speakers that have been put up on several poles down main street. The new speaker by Wards parking lot had to be plugged in, which left no place to plug in the Christmas lights for the tree there (there are no outlets on the side of Wards either).

We are sorry that there wasn’t a big tree there this year. However, someone who had a cute idea put a little tree in a crate box and put a red bulb on it. Now theres a set of lights and other things on it. Thank you to our secret Santa!

Time was running out this year, but the city will have a tree for next year along with a sleigh and two reindeer. We did decorate the big tree in front of City Hall last weekend. 

Testing was done on the downtown speakers and all different types of music was played; they are now playing Christmas music. Please come downtown and roll your window down and listen while you shop our local stores. 

Our businesses are in need of all of our support, and if you cant find what you’re looking for, a gift card would help support our local businesses. With COVID-19 being all around our state, please help to get it under control by wearing a mask, staying 6-7 feet apart, and washing your hands a lot. 

I would like to personally thank everyone who lives in our little town for keeping your sidewalks cleaned of snow for people’s safety who walk everyday. If you know of someone who lives by themselves, please check on them and make sure they are okay. 

Our prayers go out to all people who are sick and can’t go out. I’d like to wish everyone a blessed and safe Christmas, and a happy new and better next year. 

God bless you all, happy holidays

Dee Jungman

Mayor, City of Gladwin



Kindness success

To the Editor:

It did not go unnoticed that when the going gets tough, the tough get going! Christmas Kindness had so many people from Gladwin County, as well as neighboring counties and beyond, responding to those, “unable to be planned for,” pressing needs that always seem to surface that last week before Distribution Day!

Let’s start with the fact that, no matter what’s happening in our world, the men of the Knights of Columbus are always enthusiastically willing to allow us to use their facility to distribute Christmas kindness to hundreds of families in need. The knights also include us in their October fish fry every year, which has become one of Christmas Kindness’ biggest fundraisers! The role of the Knights of Columbus in Christmas Kindness is significant and greatly appreciated! We love you guys!

Next, we do our best to write articles of gratitude throughout the year to the multitudes of people, churches, businesses, schools, and civic groups who support Christmas Kindness! We know that Max Milne, editor of the Gladwin County Record and Beaverton Clarion, could never list all of you by name, but he does a great job getting many of our “thank you” announcements in print.

For example; here are a few of our many friends who came in that last week to show their support: North Central Michigan Arbor, who has also provided hot chocolate and cookies on D-Day for many years; The Rotary Club Of Gladwin and The Gladwin Auxiliary #3292, who have been faithful supporters of Christmas Kindness since the beginning; Steven and Joan Ariganello’s gift was significant and greatly needed; Church Of Daniel’s Band, who also have been with us since the beginning thanks to Scott Mather; Timothy and Barbara Zietz, Jim and Karen Shea, and Janet Flynn, who have all been such an encouragement to us this year! These are but a few of the large number of supporters who came in this past week to show their love and care for struggling families! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Then, when you least expect it, someone will do something out of the ordinary at just the right time. This year, Brandon and Becky Hodgins, of Pale Blue Smoking Co. in downtown Gladwin, launched an online auction in partnership with Adam Breault, auctioneer extraordinaire, of Adam Breault Auctions to benefit Christmas Kindness! The featured lot was the opportunity to become “PitMaster For A Day” with Pale Blue’s owner and PitBoss, Brandon Hodgins and PitMaster, Isaac Morgan. The highest bidder would spend a full day on the smokers, learning the tricks of the trade, and eating lots of good food!

Several local businesses rallied in support of the auction by donating items to sweeten the pot. These businesses include: The Original Shine, S & H Engraving, Dutch Maiden Farm Bakery, Buckeye Market, Yoder Woodworking, and Scott Webb from Family Farm and Home in Gladwin. 

All in all, the auction raised $2,640 to benefit Gladwin County’s Christmas Kindness Program. Seriously fellas, your spontaneous efforts and dedication to this unique fundraiser has inspired all of us at Christmas Kindness, and your donation couldn’t have come in at a better time. A special thanks to all who were involved in the success of the very first online auction for Christmas Kindness!

These are a few examples of the many reasons why Christmas Kindness exists in Gladwin County! You all rock, and Christmas Kindness is proud to call you, “family.” We hope you have a merry Christmas and the happiest New Year!

Beulah Mead

Gladwin County Christmas Kindness

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