Schools in need of bond renewal

To the Editor:

I am Rick Seebeck, Superintendent of Gladwin Community Schools. Next week we will have the opportunity to vote on a bond proposal for our schools. This proposal is very important to the district and the community that it serves. Here are the key points for you to consider when going to the polls next Tuesday.

This is a ZERO increase millage. This is not a tax increase. If the bond passes, the millage rate will stay the same as it was this previous tax year.

If the bond passes, the school district will replace and renovate nearly all of the heating and ventilation systems in our school buildings.

The new equipment is badly needed. We are still operating some systems that are over 50 years old and are worn out.

The new systems will be much more energy efficient and will save thousands of dollars each month in utility costs.

Every effort will be made to involve our local contractors in the projects. Keeping the work local is important to me.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to give me a call and remember to vote on March 10 at your normal voting location.

Take care,

Rick Seebeck


Gladwin Community Schools


Vote Yes for bond proposal March 10

To the Editor:

I have been fortunate to be the Principal of Gladwin High School for the past couple of years, and I have been proudly working for Gladwin Community Schools for 17 years. On March 10, Gladwin Community Schools has a zero increase bond proposal on the ballot, meaning that if it passes, taxes will not be increased beyond what property owners are currently paying.  

The passing of this bond will allow us to update the heating and cooling systems which are original to the high school that was built in 1988. For example, our boilers at the high school have been repaired many times over the past 30 years and are at a point where repairs will no longer work and the entire units must be replaced. The systems we have are inefficient and make it difficult to regulate classroom temperatures as well as costing the district thousands of dollars a month to operate.  

If the bond passes, modern and more efficient equipment and upgrades will be installed making for an environment better suited for learning. In addition, the lower future energy costs will allow for investments in resources for student learning. I encourage you to be sure to get out to vote at your normal polling location on March 10. 

With Gladwin Pride, 

Elizabeth Brown


Gladwin High School


Disagree with last week’s letter

To the Editor:

I adamantly disagree with the Reverand Karen Blatt’s negative assessment in last week’s editorial on the article covering the story of the woman arrested for attempting to murder her mother at Gladwin Pines. This is a narration by the Gladwin Record of an important event taking place in our community. What purpose is there to not disclose this significant incident to the public?

Being an administrator to God’s law, that is “thou shall not kill”, Minister Blatt certainly should recognize how wrong it is for Corrine Damm’s attempted euthanasia regardless of her mother’s situation.

This world’s recalcitrant resistance to God’s laws are often ignored by many clergy that are suppose to teach God’s true word rightly. There is a fallacious notion that in parts of our country when life becomes too much of a burden as deemed intolerable, then the maladaptive solution is termination by the repulsive method of euthanasias.

It is written in the bible; christians are warned to test against false teachings, so let’s get back to the basics of God’s ten commandments. They have never become antiquated statutes.

Joe E. Benes



Voting “No” for MMCC millage 

To the Editor:

Again we are being asked to open our pockets for MMCC. Provided colorful demographics, we are shown that MMCC revenues from property taxes are below that of other counties.

But what other counties and community colleges are in this comparison? The populations of these counties and their household incomes certainly should be taken in account. For instance, Clare County boasts the second lowest household income in our state! Probably Gladwin County is a close comparison. Delta College and Lansing Com. College both have a much greater population from which to draw tax funds. MMCC recently tore down buildings and constructed anew. To what expense was the demolition? There are colleges that showcase their older buildings as sacred halls of ivy. But, we so quickly tear down instead of repair.

With our local papers weekly touting home/property foreclosures and periodically given lists of unpaid property taxes, perhaps enough tax is enough! And what about our “snowbirds” that are denied a chance to vote on this. I plan to vote “no” on my ballot March 10 and I trust you will give this some thought before going to the polls, too.

Barbara Lambdin



Consider donation to Breast Cancer Research

To the Editor:

Let us be #1 in the world to donate to breast cancer research. Please help stop the misery! I donated $50 and have no job, as my birthday gift to you! To donate call 1-866-346-3228. Love you ladies!

Bruce B.



Thank you to hospital

To the Editor:

I wish to thank the staff at Gladwin hospital for the wonderful care given to my husband during his stay there, and the kindness shown to our family. Also thank you to friends and family who took the time to come to the services.

Frieda Ehle

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