Kindness kudos

To the Editor:

This has been an encouraging week for Christmas Kindness, so we wanted to send Christmas Kindness Kudos out to Dave Delisle, from Delisle Landscaping and Excavating, who called to express his desire to HELP make sure all Gladwin County children in need would be cared for this holiday season! His generosity was more than we could have hoped or thought about receiving, and took a huge load off our list of children needing to be adopted!

Shirley Picard, Gladwin Lodge No 397 F&AM, and Gail Will also visited our Christmas Kindness office (963 N. M-18, Gladwin) bringing generous donations to be used to shop for families in need. This doesn’t even include the many people who showed up with their donations of warmth and joy this week, causing our inventory girls to work extra hard getting it organized and counted! Kudos to all of you!

You’ve heard the phrase, “you’ve got mail,” well, Christmas Kindness “got mail” everyday this week! Kudos to Joel and Carol Vernier, Carl and Erin Schuler, Lori Ann (Skocelas) Wagoner, Sharon Delisle, Patricia Kehoe, BJ Peters, Horace and Connie Miller, Patricia Aselage, Yvonne Hall, Richard Germain, Jessee Milks, John Kolhoff, along with many others who have already sent their expressions of love for Gladwin County families through the mail (to PO Box 573 or 963 N. M-18, Gladwin).

You all have no idea how much your kindness to Christmas Kindness encourages the hearts of all who volunteer to make sure that holiday smiles abound in Gladwin County!

Happy Thanksgiving from “thankful” Christmas Kindness volunteers!

Beulah Mead

Christmas Kindness 



Thank you to the community

To the Editor:

This letter is my way of saying “thank you” to every person, business, restaurant, and congregation who wears their masks, enforces social distancing as they also enforce the hand sanitizers and the sanitizing of public surfaces.

I have a very personal reason for this “thank you.” As a community minister, I am out and about almost every day. First because I do eat at local restaurants, as I prepare for pastoral visits, communicating with the Helping Hands Mission or the Roscommon Co. Food Pantry, and visiting with the people and businesses of the communities of Beaverton and Gladwin. Therefore, when I learned that I might have been exposed to someone who had been hospitalized with COVID-19, I knew I needed to be tested. I was, and when the result “negative” came back, I knew I owed that result only in part to my own personal behaviors of mask wearing, keeping social distancing, and hand sanitizing. Without a public community of people, businesses, restaurants, and congregations committed to doing their best to stop the COVID-19, I could not be negative.

And for those who wonder, yes, each of us belongs to a community just as dependent on its best behavior as I am. What we do and how we behave matters. Therefore, I joyously ring the bells of Alleluia as I give thanks to all for whom wearing a mask, keeping that social distance, and making sure the hands and surfaces are sanitized as they should be is just doing what they always will do. “Well done, good and faithful servants, well done!”


Rev. Karen Blatt



Sausage Sauerkraut Supper

To the Editor:

A tremendous “thank you” to all our loyal and faithful customers for coming to the 77th Annual Our Savior Lutheran Church Sausage and Sauerkraut Supper. This year’s meal was “drive-thru take-out only” for the first time. It was difficult to predict the quantity of customers to prepare for based on the pandemic, expected weather and customer response. We apologize to those who may not have received a meal. The response was great, and we hope everyone enjoyed their meal.

Fun facts about the supper: the event distributed 900 pork sausages, 600 cabbages, 480 potatoes, 6 bushels of apples, 82 cans of beans and 156 pies. There were 1,130 suppers served, 306 vehicles and 3.7 suppers per vehicle. That means that a vehicle was served about every 28 seconds and approximately eight meals were served every minute. Thank you to all for your patience and cooperation as you proceeded through the distribution lines.

The preparation started in earnest in August and involved the entire congregation over the next three and a half months. On Saturday, November 14, over 50 individuals helped with final preparations and distribution.

We thank the following community businesses for their support; Lambert’s Meat Market, S & H Engraving, Fruitful Orchard, Buckeye Market, McKimmy Ag Services, Mid-Michigan College Heating & Air Conditioning CTE, Gladwin Community Schools, Gladwin County Record & Clarion, Midland Daily News, WGDN 103.1 Country and The Frank E. Ward Co.

Thanks, again, to everyone for supporting the OSLC Sausage-Sauerkraut Supper. We are looking forward to serving you all again next year. And please, if there is any way we can help you with your spiritual needs, contact our church office at 989-426-9689 or

God’s Blessing,

Terry Brokoff and members of Our Savior Lutheran Church LCMS in Gladwin


Trail of Two Cities update

To the Editor:

The Gladwin County Trails Recreation Authority would like to take this time to bring the communities of Michigan’s Backyard, (Gladwin and Beaverton) up to date on our progress toward connecting the two cities with a non-motorized recreational trail. Construction of the trails being completed in phases allowing people to use completed portions while fundraising continues for unfinished portions.

The completed portion of the trail has seen a lot of traffic during the Pandemic with people getting outside to exercise, be it walking, running or biking. New additions to the trail are a couple of park benches that overlook one of the horseshoe bends in the river. One bench was donated by the family of Dorothy Strong, and the other by the Gladwin Kiwanis Club. This peaceful setting with its view of the river is a great spot to sit and relax in nature.

In the later part of the summer, under the guidance of Tristan Hewitt from the Gladwin Conservation District Office, work started on clearing some of the debris from the river to make canoe/kayak travel possible once again. The May flood made this a greater challenge than originally anticipated. Anyone wishing to help with the work on the river should contact Tristan at the Conservation Office.

At this time the final construction drawings for a trailhead, on county owned property just to the north of the corner of River and W. Highwood roads are being completed. Those plans should be going out to bids during the winter with construction starting in the spring of 2021. This trailhead will have 2,500 feet of paved trail, a canoe/kayak launch, pavilion, parking lot, and privy. All of this work is funded with grants from, the Herbert H. and Grace A, Dow Foundation, the DNR Trust Fund, Gladwin Community Foundation, Mid Michigan Health Systems, DALMAC Fund, The Saginaw Bay Watershed Initiative Network and individual donations.

The next phase of the project would be the connection of the south end of the existing trail, to the trailhead described above. A portion of the grant money received from the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation is to be used to fund this phase, but there is a long way to go to have the balance of this phase fully funded. Approximately $185,000 stili needs to be raised. In order to receive the H & G Dow Foundation grant money for this phase we must be able to show full funding of the project by 11/30/2021.

We need donations that can be used as required matching funds for other grant opportunities that are being considered. Due to the Coronavirus our fundraising events like the Adult Prom 2021 have been postponed. If you were planning to attend the prom or one of the other events please consider sending the ticket price of the event as a donation. We do plan to bring the Adult Prom back in the spring of 2022. Also have you found that having this resource during these trying times has been a great stress reliever? Then consider tacking some ownership in this project by making a personal donation to help.

If you know of a corporate sponsor or grant that could benefit the trail, please bring it to our attention.

Donations can be mailed to:

Gladwin County Trails Recreation Authority

1000 W. Cedar Ave.

Gladwin, MI. 48624

If you would like more information about the trail and what you may be able to do to help contact Mike Ridley at 989-701-4403.

Mike Ridley


Gladwin County Trail Recreation Authority

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