Problem in the City Leadership

To the Editor:

It was disheartening and unsettling to read about the conflicts among our city leaders on the front page of our paper. It was almost like what is going on in the U. S. House of Representatives. It was petty behaviors and absolutely should be corrected.

Voters go to the polls to vote for their choices of leaders. Whatever the outcomes it should be accepted without retaliations. The public expects our leaders to be mature and able to come to peaceful agreements. We are very tired of caustic behaviors in all levels of our government. Our tax money is being wasted on time spent arguing.

Generally, I find our city workers to be hard-working individuals and I have always personally had good experiences when dealing with different workers. I believe it is human nature to want to have a peaceful day. We (speaking as a citizen), I believe, are fed up with vendettas between politicians. It would be so appreciated if we saw all sides of the coin working together for the good of all.

Gladwin is no different than any other municipality. We need stability in leadership. It is my opinion that our Mayor Dee Jungman has a heart for her city, and I have seen her working very hard to help citizens when they needed help. I watched her shoveling sidewalks for someone unable to do the work. I believe her desire is to please the citizens of Gladwin City. She attends the meetings she needs to attend and I stand by her efforts to do her job. I personally want to thank Dee Jungman for the effort she put forth in the fund raising to remodel the Park Amphitheater. Also, it has been great seeing the improvement in the city since the blight officer has been hired. This is just to name two of the many things for which Dee Jungman should be given credit.

Surrounding cities around Gladwin  live stream their council meetings. I believe that this might be a great idea for Gladwin to do live streaming so that the public can be aware of what is actually happening in our town and how our council people vote. We are running behind time. It is our right to know how the people we vote into office are putting the City’s best interest at heart.

Helen Blank



Bond proposal

will help district save thousands

Dear Editor:

My name is Dave Mausolf and I am the Principal at Gladwin Junior High.  This is my second year in Gladwin and my family and I have been extremely happy with our decision to move here and become a part of the community. Currently there are 415 students enrolled in the Junior High.

As you all have likely heard, during next month’s election, there will be a proposal relating to the schools. This proposal is a zero increase bond proposal which means that if it passes, taxes will not be increased beyond what property owners are currently paying. 

Gladwin Junior High was built in 1956 and many of the heating and ventilation systems currently operating are original to the building.  As you can imagine this equipment is very inefficient costing thousands of dollars to operate each month. The equipment is also difficult to control; making heating the building comfortably for students very difficult. 

If the bond passes, all of these antiquated and inefficient systems will be replaced with state of the art, high efficiency equipment saving thousands of dollars that will then be utilized to benefit students in their classrooms. 

Election day is March 10, 2020. I encourage all of you to be sure to get out to vote at your normal polling location on that date. The bond proposal relating to the school is able to fund updates and improvements in all buildings in the district while not increasing taxes at the same time. 


David Mausolf


Gladwin Junior High

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