A peace of mind

To the Editor:

Following my second vaccine, I want to shout to you and your readers how liberating it is to achieve a level of immunity from the Coronavirus. I still wore my mask downtown when meeting a friend for coffee but she, too, reveled in the normalcy of simple social contact, so neither of us even noticed our masks were on. To spot that light at the end of an agonizing year-long tunnel of worry is euphoric indeed.

I am celebrating with a dinner party for a few friends who registered online and then waited impatiently in the queue to be vaccinated. Before we break bread together, though, there will be a moment of silence to express our gratitude to all the dedicated individuals who got us to the table. For me that will include our amazing Central Michigan District Health Department and the efficient and caring personnel at Gladwin Health Department. And, then there will be a special remembrance for everyone who refuses to be vaccinated.  

Those of you who decline the vaccine are many things, but I know you are not stupid. You realize we cannot reopen every school and business without getting more Michiganders vaccinated or thousands more from our state will perish. At my party, I’ll use that prolonged moment of silence before dinner to imagine you changing course and getting in line. To hope your family won’t suffer like so many others have. To think you might experience the peace of mind being fully vaccinated gives me. 

Linda Clark


In support of

Beaverton Schools bond proposal

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter as a member of the Beaverton Schools Board of Education and in support of the May 4 bond proposal. 

Over the past couple of decades, our schools have deteriorated to the point where we must address some areas of concern to ensure the safety of our students and staff. The age of our classroom furniture varies from building to building, but almost all of it is at least two decades old. The elementary school furniture is 36 years old and shows every single one of them in the wear and tear associated with more than three decades of use. The high school furniture is more than 23 years old. The desks and chairs that our students use need to be updated. If you’re skeptical about the relationship between a comfortable learning environment and student achievement, I urge you to Google it; there is no shortage of data, and it’s time to address it in Beaverton.

Our track was built in 1984 and resurfaced in 2006 by our Sports Boosters program. It is riddled with potholes and a bubbling surface and is not safe to use, as evidenced by our inability to host any meets for at least the past two years. The press box was built in 1988 and needs to be totally replaced. The bleachers need to be updated before they are unusable. We can’t keep expecting to dodge the potential injuries that using these facilities presents, and these problems go well beyond what fundraising can solve at this point.

Inside the buildings, our maintenance staff has done an admirable job patching, repairing and repainting problem areas campus-wide for decades. But that’s not working anymore! Our outdated and inefficient HVAC systems, for example, are an ongoing, costly concern, and one that could take a turn for the worse at any time. It’s not effective or efficient in terms of dollars and cents or in terms of learning opportunities, and we need to do better.

We need to offer our students the safest and most conducive learning environment possible. Don’t they deserve that? Don’t they deserve the same basic amenities that students in other school districts get? 

This bond will help bring us back in line with our neighboring school districts and keep our students safe at school. Please get informed about what the board is proposing in this bond by going to StepUpToCatchUp.com, and thank you for supporting our students and staff by supporting this bond.

Mark Hayes

Secretary, Beaverton Schools Board of Education


Thank you 

To the Editor:

Those of us that attended this month’s Gladwin County Democratic Party meeting would like to thank Sheriff Mike Shea for speaking to the group on county-wide issues. It was informative and produced a good deal of discussion. During the question and answer period, the condition of the aging county facility was discussed. It became apparent to those in attendance that an update or replacement of the current jailhouse is much needed and is an example of our crumbling infrastructure. I can say that Democrats would support such improvements. Thanks again, Sheriff, for a very informative conversation at our meeting.

Michael Fields

Gladwin County Democratic Party


Thank you and God Bless

To the Editor:

On December 23, I fell and broke my hip in front of the Myers for Tires store. A man pulled up next to me and came running over. He took off his jacket and put it under my head to keep my hair from getting dirty. Three more men pulled in and came over, and one man that works for Myers store, came out to see what was going on.

All five of them stayed with me until the ambulance came. Thank you and God Bless you. The ambulance men took me to the Midland hospital and stayed there until all my x-rays were done. They stayed until the doctor came in to say they would be doing the surgery at 3 a.m. on Christmas Eve morning. Thank you to them. Thank you to all the nurses, the rehab people and to Dr. Lyons, who would come in twice a day to see how I was doing.

On Christmas morning, they brought me a gift bag with a card in it and a puzzle book and some candy and a candy cane. I was then sent to the Pines Nursing Home for more rehab. Thank you to all of those workers. Thanks for all the get well cards I got from friends and family. Thank you to Sacred Heart Parish for the prayers and get well cards.


Rita Renkola

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