Book sale success

To the Editor:

Thank you to all who have generously supported the Friends of the Gladwin County Libraries Book and Bake Sale. It was a success and we moved a lot of books. 

Thank you also to the hard working volunteers who helped set up and sort for display, the many thousands of books we had available for this sale, and to the bakers for the bake sale and purchasers who are much appreciated.

The dates for the 2022 sales have been set and the rooms are reserved. Sale dates scheduled for the Spring Sale are May 18-21; Fall Sale will be Oct. 19-22, 2022. One thing that we do request is that no encyclopedia sets or dictionaries be donated, as they just don’t sell. We cannot accept musty or damaged books and handling them is a health concern for some of us. Please just discard them at home.

We are looking forward to the future sales events with your support. Again, a big “thank you” from the Friends of the Gladwin County Libraries and also the Staff of the Gladwin County District Libraries. We hope you are also noticing the new LED sign at the corner of Cedar St./M-61 and James Robertson Drive.

Barbara Curtindale

Friends of the Gladwin County Libraries, Gladwin County District Library


Do better Clarion

To the Editor:

I understand newspapers are struggling in cyberspace. We are very lucky in this small community to have such a luxury as a local newspaper. It is very unfortunate that the newspaper chooses to only publish the happy, sparkle city type articles. 

You rarely see the police reports and negative articles. Don’t get me wrong, I like surrounding myself with positivity and looking on the bright side, but we all know bad things happen. Where is the true reporting of the real things going on in our community? 

A horrible accident happens when a young girl runs a stop sign on Calhoun Road, backs up early morning traffic, causes a gas leak and nothing is in the paper?! Even with the positive things, sports sign ups. You can’t run an article for free if it mentions a cost to sign up for a sport? It forces organizations to not use the newspaper for informing people. 

Sports teams are asking you to run an article (that they have to write themselves) and you can’t get the picture right or get it in a timely manner, or even give credit to the writer. You are starting to run these awesome cut out people pictures of athletes: no caption/name of the athlete? 

Your high school just chose a king and queen and you can’t even put a name to their faces?! You can’t ask why nobody is buying your newspaper, these are the reasons why. Do better, Clarion. Do better.

Shayne Wheeler


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