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To the Editor:

Thank you to those who made the choice to join the Volunteers for Beaverton Activity Center. For some Volunteers that choice was made nearly six years ago, sometime in the last six years, and for some Volunteers that choice was made in just the last few weeks. No matter when you joined or how frequently you are available to be on site, you are a part of the BAC Family of Volunteers.

The month of April is “national volunteer month”. “Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy: They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” – Marcel Proust

April is a beautiful time of year to celebrate our Volunteers by offering gratitude and appreciation for all that has been accomplished. It is hoped that the BAC continues to be the “hub” for the gathering of “charming gardeners” /Volunteers whose efforts help keep the BAC running smoothly.

Although the last year has been challenging, the BAC, with the assistance of over 40 Volunteers, has continued to offer as many services as possible while adhering to the Health and Human Services Guidelines. Thank you to all of the Volunteers who have been able to assist the BAC operation under these conditions. 

Welcome back to our returning, from the south, Volunteers. We look forward to seeing you at the BAC. The Reception Area is open Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. if you need any information or have a question call 989-435-4104.

Joan Cashin

Beaverton Activity Center

Make sure you are well informed

To the Editor:

On May 4, voters will be asked to consider a bond proposal put forth by the Beaverton Schools Board of Education. I’m writing to ask community members to make sure they’re informed as they make a decision that will have long-reaching consequences for academic opportunity for our students.

When you compare our classroom technology – and technology infrastructure – to neighboring districts, our kids are not even close to being competitive, and the short- and long-term consequences of that disadvantage are snowballing every year that we delay addressing it.

We will use the bond to make high-impact changes in the classroom in significant ways, including:

- Providing a one-to-one student/device ratio, which has been an accepted standard in school districts around us for years. It would end the ongoing daily challenge of trying to share so few laptops for research and testing among so many kids, and it would allow classroom efficiency to soar.

- Addressing longtime ongoing technological issues – like Wi-Fi connectivity – by overhauling the wireless infrastructure campus-wide and replacing classroom projectors and TVs with interactive displays that have proven particularly effective with younger students.

- Providing a much-needed boost to long-neglected non-core curriculum, including Music and Physical Education, through equipment replacement and enhanced learning environments.

- Purchasing STEM equipment and replacing audio-visual systems in large meeting spaces for both buildings.

These proposed upgrades are not merely things we want - they are crucial academic needs with positive proven results. They’re also not luxurious or top-of-the-line purchases – they are modest yet game-changing improvements for students They represent the chance to get our kids back in the race, equipping them with the tools they need and the opportunity they deserve to compete with their peers. 

All I ask is that we all get involved, get informed and do what’s right for the benefit of our schools and our kids. Please visit for all sorts of important information about the bond proposal, and please make sure to vote May 4 at the Beaverton Activity Center.

Daren Burns


Beaverton Schools Board of Education

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