No thank you

To the Editor:

Apparently, the call went out to flood newspapers with climate alarmism via letters to the editor. In my view, if moving away from fossil fuels and towards the alternatives were a viable option, the “free market” would already have done so, and someone would have gotten rich. 

Because it’s not a viable option, they want taxpayers to fund this experiment. I am not impressed by “consensus” and nobel laureate economists. Many of these people make their income from U.S. government grants and want to keep the money rolling in. The swamp helps to perpetuate their myths. 

And the big joke? Our children will thank us! Ha! You mean like all the children that show up for veterans on Memorial Day to thank them? I gave up waiting for a simple “thank you” in the mail a decade ago. Many have forgotten that in the 1970s, huge progress was made in cleaning up the waters, ceasing the practice of littering, and encouraging recycling by my generation. No thanks came rolling in. 

Call or write Rep. Moolenaar imploring him to not support going down the “fees” rabbit hole. A tax begun is almost impossible to get rid of. 

Laura Reinbold


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