Looking for book

To the Editor:

Looking to borrow or buy a book from Hay School in Winegars from around the 1940s. 

Beverly (Cady) Allen




Marti’s Roller Rink

To the Editor:

It is with deep sadness and tears that Marti’s Roller Rink has been sold. Thank you to all for your support for the past 20 plus years. 

Special thanks to the following staff family: Grace and Ed Gibson for 12 plus years; Josh and Raven Geer for five plus years; Jen and Randy Pyrzewski for three years; Kaye and Mazzy Baker for three years; Scott Gunther for two years. Not just my staff, but most of my friends who are my family.

Thank you to everyone for making my dream come true for more than 20 years. 

Your friend always, 

Marti and Larry Miller



Defacing of

political signs

To the Editor:

I was informed this morning that a four by eight foot political sign that the Gladwin County Republicans placed on the northeast corner of Hockaday and Sugar River Road was defaced last night. The location of the sign was approved by the owner of the farmland.

The defacing of the sign was a spray painted word in capital letters across the Trump name.

To those who do not know, possibly from either having had their civics education too long ago, or the fact it is not taught anymore in the public schools, defacing political signs on private property is illegal. It is punishable by a $500 fine and/or 90 days in jail. Stealing the signs fits into the same category.

Both county parties have written to the editor about the actions of the few stealing private property. For those taking these actions, think of this, “does a sign vote?”

The sign is an expression of support for the political candidate by the property owner. In case the thief or painter did not know this, think civics class, the right to freedom of speech is the property owners right.

The defacing incident is now in the Gladwin County Sheriff’’s hands. Prosecution is the desired outcome. To one and all, kindly stop this childish behavior and take your frustrations to the ballot box.

Randy Clough

Gladwin Republican Party


Thank you

To the Editor:

The family of Louis Buzzell would like to give a special thanks to Hospice Compassus. For not only their hard work, but their support and extra care they gave to our family. They forever will be in our hearts and we cannot thank them enough for what they do.

We love you. Sharon, Tina, Stacy, Nicki, Beth, Chaplin, Randy and all others who helped. 

The family of Louis Buzzell



Supporting one another

To the Editor:

The Gladwin County V.F.W 7303 Post and Auxiliary would like to thank all who supported our BBQ rib dinner. It was a great success. Thank you to our working team and our volunteer servers. Great job everybody! 

In this season that we all are working through, its nice to have some sort of normality. It’s great to be able to help our veterans and support our community. I believe someone has said “am I my brothers keeper?” We all have that responsibility whether we want it or not. No man is an island unto himself. It’s just not the way life is. 

We have an alarming rate of suicide today among our veterans and our teens. Somebody, somewhere has to step up and reach out to the lost and faint of heart and offer them hope and a reason to live. 

Will you be the one? It’s not that difficult to be a listening ear, or just a phone call to a distressed individual. Many just need to know that somebody cares. We are put on this great planet for such a time as this. Don’t waste your life on “should haves,” walk in the day that we have.

Be a doer, not a doubter and help where you can. We are going to continue our steak dinners and fundraiser dinners as long as possible. Come out and enjoy, dine-in or take-out. We are thoroughly sanitized and working within the CDC guidelines. Thank you all again. God bless you all, God bless our troops, and God bless America again. 


Elsie Henry

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