Step Up to Catch Up school bond

To the Editor:

On Tuesday, May 4, the Beaverton Schools Board of Education is asking voters to consider a bond that will generate two mills, or $12 million over 22 years. The bond will focus on three critical areas of need in our district: safety, security and opportunity. 

Beaverton is a great place and has been for a long time; that will come as no surprise to anyone. Our staff members do amazing things for our kids. But they do it at an extreme disadvantage. I’ll bet that most of you do not realize that Beaverton is dead last among 11 of our neighboring districts in the amount of taxes we collect to support our schools.

Surprising? Yes. Sad? Absolutely. At the 1.25 mills currently being levied for the district, we are well behind Gladwin (1.95 mills), Clare (2.9 mills), Coleman (3.7 mills) and Meridian (7.0 mills). No matter how you feel about paying taxes, that is a staggering disparity. Meridian and Shepherd collect more than five times the taxes for their schools. How can we expect to compete with that? Don’t our kids, our staff and our community deserve better?

The additional two mills requested comes at a small cost to the taxpayer, a person whose home is worth $100,000 would pay about $8.33 more per month. But that small investment is crucial to helping our kids compete, today and tomorrow.

Over the past several months, the board, administration, staff and community have been working together to determine what our kids truly need in the classroom to arrive at something resembling a level playing field with their peers in neighboring districts. 

What we developed is anything but a wish list of everything under the sun; these are much-needed upgrades in areas like infrastructure, technology and building security. 

Passage of the bond will allow the district to move to a one-to-one student device ratio, which, frankly, kids in other schools have had for years. I must also note that bond funds can only be used for very specific school improvements approved by the state, they cannot be used for salaries, benefits and the like.

These are just a few examples of the proposed improvements. I encourage you to view the full list, along with extensive information about the proposal, at

I want to close by noting that our school district is blessed with an amazing staff; folks who give everything they have and more with extremely limited resources. Imagine what we could achieve if we got ourselves more closely aligned with surrounding districts and stopped working with one hand tied behind our backs. 

I urge you to get involved and get informed. Beaverton is not a dead last type of place. On May 4, let’s get our educators and our kids the tools they need to achieve their full learning potential. Thank you for your support and consideration.

Adam Zdrojewski                                                                                                                                          President, Beaverton Schools Board of Education


Revolutionary War grave sites

To the Editor:

The Central Michigan Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution is attempting to locate and identify gravesites of any patriots/veterans of the Revolutionary War, 1775-1783, buried in Gladwin County in order that we might identify and honor their resting places. 

If you are aware of the grave site of any of these founding forefather patriots, we would appreciate if you would contact one of our officers listed: President, Don Rothenberger,; Vice President, Harry Rice,; Secretary, Bernie Grosskopf, 


Norvil L. Brown, Chaplain


Thank you

To the Editor:

I would like to thank my church family at Christ the King, my Art Guild family, my GAFT family and all the others who sent support, love, cards and phone calls during and after Ken passed away earlier this year, Jan. 4, 2021. 

Thank you to Hall’s who handled things and took care of all my needs. It was a very trying time along with the pandemic and its problems. 

God bless you, 

Mary Marcum

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