Thank you to all who made GBCFD a success

To the Editor:

The Gladwin/Beaverton Community Food Distribution (GBCFD) has completed its eighth year of food distributions at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Gladwin. This year has been a very challenging year for the GBCFD with the coronavirus pandemic and also the breach of the dams and major flooding within the community. For the first three months, food distributions were held once a month as usual, serving an average of 210 households from the community who needed additional food assistance. Once the pandemic hit and then the flooding, additional food distributions started taking place at Christ the King to help our friends in need. Through the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, federal funding was available to us first with weekly distributions and then bi-monthly. During this time, GBCFD has been serving on average, 300 households with each food distribution.  

The operation of the GBCFD this year has required numerous dedicated people. We want to thank everyone involved. First of all, thank you to Christ the King Lutheran Church for their support and commitment to this ministry. They made their site available for the Saturday distribution days and registration days when they took place. A special thank you goes out to the dedicated registration volunteers when they were needed pre-COVID-19. Once the pandemic took place, our whole method of distributing food was revised to keep both workers and food recipients distanced and safe. 

Thank you to The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan for supplying us with federally funded semis of food for those with food insecurity. The Knights of Columbus not only provided workers on distribution day, but also the use of their parking lot for staging cars; thank you, knights. Several local restaurants put together individually boxed lunches for our workers.

Several groups stepped up in 2020 to support this much needed food truck ministry, either monetarily or with manpower on distribution day. We thank The DeShano Community Foundation, Midland Area Community Foundation, North/West Lower Michigan Synod of the ELCA, United Way of Clare & Gladwin Counties, Knights of Columbus as mentioned, Hope Lutheran Church in Marlette, Gladwin Assembly of God, Beaverton Church of the Nazarene, Our Savior Lutheran Church in Gladwin, St. Paul Episcopal Church, First United Methodist Church in Gladwin, Gladwin Free Methodist Church, Christ the king Lutheran Church, St. Timothy Lutheran Church in Midland, Gladwin Sheriff Reserves, Brown LLC, Gladwin Rotary Club, Gladwin Kiwanis Club, Beaverton Lions Club, Mid Michigan Medical Center, Gladwin & Beaverton National Honor Society students, Gladwin Key Club students, CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), Team Rubicon, Gladwin firefighters, Maverick Ford and several community members, too many to list. Thank you, Thank you to all our supporters. An apology goes out to any group we have forgotten to mention. We certainly would not have been able to carry on like we have this year without all of you.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year from the Gladwin/Beaverton Community Food Distribution Group (GBCFD). Stay safe and stay well.

The GBCFD Steering Team


Water main

problem on Dec. 18

To the Editor:

On December 18, 2020 at about 7:10 p.m., I lost water pressure at my home. I called my neighbor to find out if his water pressure was low. He said his was and I soon discovered the city was temporarily out of water. The next day, after an all night repair on a main, my day went as usual. 

At about 5 p.m., on Dec. 19, my neighbor notified me that we should boil the water. I wondered why I was hearing this almost 24 hours after losing water pressure. He said it would be on the 6 p.m. news. I checked on the news at 6 p.m. I checked channels 5, 12 and 25. There were no notices on TV that we needed to boil water.

As I checked further into this, I discovered that there is an app on my phone called Nixle, which apparently keeps the community up-to-date on this kind of information. I, along with many others, were not equipped with this app on our phones.

My point of this letter is this: 1. Why wasn’t the public in Gladwin City notified until the 7 a.m. news on December 20, 36 hours after the fact? 2. When was the emergency management notified of this issue? 3. The citizens of Gladwin were not given proper notice in a timely manner, which could have lead to serious health issues to the public. 4. Where was the city manager? 5. Most of us drank water all day on Dec. 19.  

Hopefully, chances are, we will be okay. But there is always the possibility this could have been a total disaster. I have 34 years of experience in water treatment and know how vital the Emergency Management Team is to situations like this. As soon as any issue arises regarding public health like the one that occurred on December 18 (7 p.m.), the Emergency Management Team is immediately notified. I really would like to know when they were notified.

Helen Blank


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