To the Editor:

Just to comment on a letter in April 24, 2019’s paper, I agree about the Notre Dame cartoon saying it all.

I’ve been reading the Record for almost 30 years and enjoy its hometown flavor. When I need “more substance”, I can find the regular news in the dailies and on the TV or computer. 

I especially enjoy the “View from the Comfy Chair”. Yes, it can be silly and certainly not hard news, but it makes me smile and I actually look forward to reading it each week.

It’s also fun to see if anyone I know has a Wedding Anniversary; or has a new baby; or is pictured working for a charity or organization; winning a prize or honor; etc.

So keep up the good work putting together a paper with plenty of “small-town substance”.

P.S. Thanks for printing the TV Guide for the week.

P.S.S. If I remember correctly, there was a series of stories about the Gladwin woman who has run the Iditarod in Alaska and it was very interesting. Maybe it was before the letter-writer’s time in Gladwin County.

Mary Hynes



City Clean Up

To the Editor:

On Saturday, May 18 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. the city of Gladwin will be helping anyone who lives in the city limits, a chance to get rid of their junk, blight or maybe you call it your treasures.

A large dumpster will again be at our DPW garage located at 201 S. State St. for you to bring: washers, dryers, microwaves, drywall, old lumber, furniture, etc.

If you have things in your basement, garage, or outside that you want to get rid of, then bring it that day.

This is our 3rd year of helping our residents, and it’s been a success. We are trying to clean our city of junk, blight, and make it more attractive to all living here.

In August, we will have our Hazardous Waste Day, and this Clean-Up Day (May 18) is only for residents living in the City of Gladwin.

If you’re disabled, or a senior citizen who cannot bring your items to us, then please call me! Dee Jungman, 426-7127 before the day of May 18 to get your name/address on a list for pickup.

Thanks to all,

Dee Jungman (Mayor)


Thank you for contributions

To the Editor:

The Beaverton Lions thanks everyone who contributed to our White Cane Drive, May 2 and 3, in which we collected monies for our program designed to provide an eye exam and eye glasses to all in Gladwin County who find that they need glasses but may not be able to afford them, and this includes everyone from children, our working population that find it difficult to stretch that income to include glasses, and our population living on a fixed income.

We hope you have been able to read this letter, but if it is in any way blurry, or if there are other vision issues that you might have, please contact Rev. Karen Blatt at 989-435-3486. Here’s to good vision!

Rev. Karen Blatt


The signs are everywhere!

To the Editor:

I’m writing this letter because I see a big need for enforcement of road violations. The people I witness running stop signs, or swerving into oncoming traffic because the mail carrier is delivering mail, or any number of dangerous actions is left largely unchallenged for a number of reasons; but, if left alone will not improve, but will end in tragedy.

To date I have talked to the Sheriff who states his badge is held in check by the Board of Commissioners, who “I’m told” does not see road patrol as the duty of the Sheriff’s Dept. So if this is true, I ask, “who’s responsibility is it then?” This question needs answered! Who is ultimately given the duty of enforcing the laws that were passed by our State Legislature? If not the Sheriff’s office, is it perhaps the State Police? So I called the State Police to find answers and I’m told that even the State Legislature does not see road patrols/road enforcement as a duty of the Sheriff’s Department!

I believe it’s time for thinking adults to begin a fair but firm look at who is in charge and who it is that stymies the enforcement of our laws. After all, if we have no intention of upholding a law; then why write and enact such laws?

So, people of Gladwin County, do you know who is working to safeguard you? Do you know who is blocking justice? More to follow.

Disgusted in Gladwin County.

Sam Durfee


Thank you

To the Editor:

Thank you to all our family and friends who helped to celebrate Louis’ life. We are so grateful to all of you who stopped in to say goodbye and to all those who sent flowers, plants, cards and made donations to St. Jude Children’s Hospital and the American Heart Association. We especially thank Hall-Kokotovich Funeral Home for their professional and supportive help during this difficult time. We want to send a special thank you to the Gladwin County American Legion Post 171 and the Active Honor Guards. Thank you to the Orvis Family for all their help with the funeral dinner, Melissa and Staff at the Sugar Shack, Mark and Staff at Gladwin Subway, Sage Township Hall and Sacred Heart Mission.

The Family of Louis Edgar


Honoring our veterans

To the Editor:

Gladwin County V.F.W. 7303 Post and Aux. would like to thank all who supported our steak dinner and our BBQ. Rib dinner. Both were a great success. Thank you to our working teams that make it all happen with many hours donated to serve for our veterans. Spring is here. May will be a busy month for the veterans. Our fundraisers are always the second and third Friday of the month. We also will be out selling poppies in Gladwin and Beaverton on May 23, 24, and 25. Everyone can do their part in helping. It’s always a privilege to be involved in a cause that will benefit so many of our veterans. Memorial Day is a time to reflect on our veterans who have gone before us. Make a point to come to the memorial at the Gladwin Court House Monday at 11 a.m. in honor of the ones who paid the highest price for our freedom. Let us never forget any fallen veteran. Please remember and teach our children to always take your hats off and salute as the flags go by. Etiquette for our flag and country must never be forgotten. We all can be an example to our young generation to respect our flags and our nation. Before we judge our nation or anyone else, we have to look inside ourselves to only see our own flaws, as no one is perfect. Be quick to forgive and come along side our veterans or anyone else that has come short of our expectations. Let us try to be a shining example to all those around us. God bless you all, God bless our troops, God bless America again.


Elsie Henry


In response

To the Editor:

In response to Joeann Wylie’s view on the paper, my feedback as an African Adventurer myself, don’t like killing of animals. I like to protect but I know there are hunters that like to read about the adventures. Now about the View from the Comfy Chair, it’s so funny to be able to laugh and my opinion is I wish it took up the whole paper. But, the main thing here is it’s great and wonderful that we have a very great and priceless paper to read.

Sharon Van Y




To the Editor:

The question is: Does the immensity of our salvation have any consequences?

Easter has just passed. Christ has risen from the dead. But first, what indignation and a horrifying death He had to experience to satisfy God the Father’s wrath that we provoked by our thoughtlessness.

So, did you show any recompense by way of confession and total repentance on Easter day for Christ’s gift of life, or were you one of those person’s with quiescence and inactivity at sunrise on Easter morn. If you feel guilty, and you should if you lack passivity for our Lord, then correct your lethargy by attending devotional worship now.

The immensity of our salvation did have an enormous consequence for our Lord indeed.

With solemn concern,

Joe E. Benes


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