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August Sponsors and Manpower

To the Editor:

On Saturday, Aug. 17, another Gladwin/Beaverton Community Food Distribution (GBCFD) was held at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Gladwin. 208 households received boxes of food. This food distribution was sponsored by Gladwin Kiwanis, Gladwin Rotary, and Wagarville Community United Methodist Church. They provided manpower as well as Christ the King Lutheran Church, St. Timothy Lutheran Church, Midland, and community members. Christ the King provided their facility on both registration and distribution days, along with providing home-made cookies at registration. A hearty thank you goes out to everyone who made this distribution successful.  

Monthly distributions take place at Christ the King on the third Saturday of each month. The following are remaining scheduled registration and distribution dates in 2019:

2019 Food Distribution


Sept. 18Registration

Sept. 21Distribution

Oct. 16Registration

Oct. 19Distribution

Nov. 13Registration

Nov. 16Distribution

Dec. 18Registration

Dec. 21Distribution

If any church, business or individual would like to help with a future distribution, either monetarily or by providing manpower, please contact Christ the King Lutheran Church, 989-426-1659. Each time a Gladwin/Beaverton Community Food Distribution is held, the cost of the truck from the Food Bank is about $1,000, with approximately 25 people supplying manpower.

Jill Phillips, Co-Chair of CTK’s Food Truck Committee


Thoughts on marijuana

To the Editor:

Marijuana is a 2500-year-old natural pain reliever. It’s different from opiates and may be a way to keep the cost of medication down. You can now buy stocks in marijuana. Acupuncture doctors at the VA hospital that at one time disagreed with using marijuana as an alternative medicine, are now using it. Canada is on board with marijuana and President Trump is talking about getting drugs from Canada. CBD oil has become a hot topic recently. Many people are getting pain relief without the normal side effects associated with many prescription medicines.

In 2018, Mitch McConnell, a republican from Kentucky, sponsored an amendment to the farm bill that legalized cultivation of hemp across the United States. Hemp is a product with many uses such as, clothing, plastics, rope, food and nutritional products and CBD oil.

Kentucky now has 211 hemp growers, 60,000 acres have crop growing in 101 or its 120 counties. This has led to more than 500 new jobs in the state in just the past few years and the numbers keep growing. Thirty-eight other states such as Alaska, Arizona, Kansas, Missouri, New Jersey and Oklahoma are looking into legislation on hemp research and an industrial hemp pilot program.

There are many uses for marijuana. This is something that I hope politicians in Michigan jump on board with.

Jerry Holycross


Gun control concerns

To the Editor:

Red Flag Laws. Could these become another “no-fly” list? Is “Due Process” involved? If so, when? Before or after the confiscation? How rapidly would the accused face a judge? Would the guns be properly stored? What process is involved in having your personal property returned? Is there a storage fee? Would the guns be returned in a non-damaged efficient manner? Think – New Orleans during Katrina.

Universal Background checks. What is a UBC? Doe it enhance gun security or is it more government control? Enhancing would hold people accountable for supplying or failing to supply date to NICS. If it is to curtail the sale of guns between non-licensed individuals (aka the gun show loophole) this is gun control. Would passing legislation to stop private gun sales, prevent a mass shooting? Would the seller and buyer need to go through a licensed dealer? Maybe pay a fee? Sell the gun to the dealer on consignment? Would legislators be passing a feel good law to stop the media promoted outcry of “do something”?

If passed, the government would have a database of guns and legal gun owners. Currently by law NICS is suppose to destroy background check applications within a few months. Really – Think NSA, CIA, FBI. The next logical step is gun registration. Would there be a fee to register? Wouldn’t this now be a privilege not a right? Think – Canada. How long before there would be mandatory buy backs or outright confiscation? Think – Australia/Venezuela.

It was once stated that those who forsake rights for security end up with neither.

Harry Thurkow


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