Thank you

To the Editor:

We wish to give a big thank you to Greg and Christy Ruppel of Coldwell Banker Kigar for the extra time spent helping us bring our home at Secord to code for our sale.

Thanks to Doug Hackel for the extra hours in the warm weather installing our new septic.

Also, thank you Thayer Well Drilling for your services.

We will miss Gladwin.

The Catterfelds


Accepting the Amish

To the Editor:

As Americans, we need to look with understanding for those who live and think differently than we do. We want to be accepted as we are and my friends, the Amish, want the same consideration. They are a passive group who ask only to be accepted as they accept us. They do not try to change us to live like they do, they only want to continue their life-style in peace.

There are many who think they do not pay taxes, BUT, they do pay every tax you and I do, school, property, garbage, etc. Also, if they have a business they pay taxes on property, etc. But here is our difference, they do not accept any money from our government such as for schools or medical assistance.

Also, if you’ve ever needed blood you may be part of the Amish as they have always given to our blood drives – gallons!

They support our local businesses, as they do not drive to Midland or larger cities when they want something.

In a lot of ways they help our tourism, where else can you watch a team of horses working in a field or see a young boy or girl driving a buggy down the road. These are things that were normal for our grandparents but not our youth today.

They are only trying to live their lives as they want just as we are trying to live ours.

Sometimes in our busy lives we are trying to hurry someplace and come upon a buggy and need to slow down, usually only for a few minutes try to remember they are trying to get someplace too, they just can’t go as fast as you. They understand and accept that their lives are in God and our hands when they are on the roads.

I feel fortunate and blessed to have been able to become a friend since they arrived in our area in 1979.

Janet Whitman



Thank you from V.F.W 7303 

To the Editor:

Gladwin County V.F.W. 7303 Post and Aux. would like to thank all who supported our B.B.Q. Chicken dinner. It was a great success. Thank you to our working teams who make it all possible. Working to help our veterans has always been a privilege and honor to be serving. Veterans are the reason for our lives to be free. We all get the opportunity to live in America, the land of the free whether we know it or not. People sometimes take their freedom for granted, while never thinking why we have it. Always be aware of others needs, it’s such a blessing to bless others out of our substance. If you haven’t done for others, today is the day. Time passes quickly, don’t let your opportunity go by you, do what you need to do today. Please don’t wait until you are asked. Most needy people will not ask. So be compassionate and kind to the less fortunate and be thankful that some day you never have to walk a mile in their shoes. We all have a journey in this life. Let’s make it one to be proud of. Let us walk in love for our fellow man and always do what is right. God bless you all. God bless our troops and God bless America again.


Elsie Henry


Invitation to Variety Show

To the Editor:

Saturday, Oct. 19 is the date for the next Coleman community Variety Show. We are excited to announce big changes are being made to this year’s show. The name has been changed to “Firecracker Variety Show”, new time from 6:30-8 p.m.

This year’s show will feature gospel, oldies, country music and a surprise in entertainment. In addition, there will be a silent auction with door prizes distributed at the end of the show.

Entrance will be by cash donation at the door with all proceeds to help finance the fireworks displayed after the Charlie Brown Holiday Parade on Dec. 14.   

At this year’s show, food pantry donations will only be collected during the week of the community’s holiday parade. The collection of pop cans and the Variety Show are the only money making projects to financially support the fireworks.

Mark the date on your calendars and spread the word of the event, it’s our hope to make this year’s Variety Show the best one yet.  

Interested in taking part in this year’s show, please contact Roxy Smith at 989-465-1260.

Coleman Holiday

Parade Committee

Bill and Gayl Brugger

Ken and Darlene Clarke

Roy and Roxy Smith


Invitation to Democratic picnic

To the Editor:

In response to Patrick Savage’s July 24 contribution to this column I would personally like to invite Mr. Savage and his family to a picnic. And, he will not even have to bring a dish to pass.

His reported letter to our 4th District congressman was spot on about the mealy-mouth, boiler-plate responses constituents get from Mr. Moolenaar on many important issues.

Gladwin County Democratic Party members will be holding our annual picnic at Ross Lake Park in Beaverton on Aug. 11 from noon to 4 p.m. in Pavilion A. Hamburgers and hot dogs will be provided and members will bring a dish to pass. The public is also invited.

Ed Rachwitz


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