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driving speed

To the Editor:

Traveling along highway M-61 or M-18 I have come to the conclusion I am a great hazard on the road with my vehicle, how so? At my age of 87, I travel at the speed limit and I’m in the way, suppressing motorists. The danger comes, since I travel slower than the going traffic, some drivers, when being unable to pass will tailgate my vehicle trying to intimidate me to speed up.

The dynamics of today’s drivers have no fear of being pulled over, receiving a ticket for traveling beyond the speed limit, as there seems to be no law enforcement taking place on the road in today’s society. For those fools with a heavy foot, be cognizant of why there are speed limits. Speeders seem to have developed amnesia and lost a sense of safety. The ultimate pejorative of unlimited speed negates safety. Start using your head, other than a hat rack and limit your speed to the posted sign. It may save someone’s life. You may think you are an excellent driver, but because of nihilism, so did the fatuous person that was just cremated who made a fatal mistake caused by speed, and was unable to stop in time of need.

Joe E. Benes



Moving our state


To the Editor:

This August and September, I visited all 15 counties in the Fourth District to meet with constituents and hear their thoughts and concerns on the issues facing our nation. We discussed agriculture, trade, the economy, rural broadband, and the opioid crisis. I also had the special privilege of presenting military honors to our veterans and their families.

In driving across the district, I saw storefronts and businesses with “Help Wanted” signs and I met with hardworking employees, including those at Nexteer in Saginaw, SK Saran in Midland, and Mahle in St. John’s. They are doing terrific work that keeps our region at the forefront of research and development, while continuing the tradition of manufacturing in Michigan. 

It is a competitive marketplace for employers trying to find workers right now, and this August wages for American workers are 3.2 percent higher than they were a year ago.

I also met with leaders in agriculture and we discussed the urgent need for Congress to pass the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement on trade. The USMCA will benefit Michigan by opening access to new markets for Michigan farmers. This new trade agreement has bipartisan support from Republicans and some moderate Democrats. Mexico has already passed it and Speaker Pelosi should put it up for a vote in the House before elections in Canada this fall threaten the progress that has been made.

Aug. 22-23, I went to the Soo Locks to meet with the Army Corps of Engineers about the construction of a new freighter-sized lock. The iron ore that passes through Sault Ste. Marie is crucial to American manufacturing and millions of jobs. This was my second visit to the Locks and I was joined by Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, a Democrat from Ohio. We work together as members of the House Appropriations Committee and I worked with her on the committee this spring to move President Trump’s $75 million request for the Locks forward in the House.

We were joined by Lieutenant General Todd Semonite, the commanding general of the Corps. He is a strong supporter and has said the locks are “vital to our nation’s economy.” He and his team told us about the next steps the Corps will take as it begins the bidding process on the first phase of work. The construction of the new lock will bring jobs to northern Michigan and it will ensure that iron ore reaches manufacturers across the nation.

I also continued my work on rural broadband and the opioid crisis. At a roundtable in Midland County, we discussed how rural Internet access will benefit farmers and students. It also has the potential to make an incredible difference through telemedicine, helping doctors connect with more patients and saving time. This is especially true when it comes to the opioid crisis that has hurt so many families in mid and northern Michigan. In recent weeks, I announced new funding coming to our state that will support local programs for prevention and rehabilitation and help those in the fight against addiction.

Finally, I recently had the privilege of presenting military service awards to two living Vietnam veterans and the families of five World War II veterans. When veterans and their families reach out to me for help with receiving their medals, my staff and I cut through the red tape at the Department of Defense so they get the recognition they deserve. If my office can help your family, please do not hesitate to call my office in Midland at 989-631-2552.

This was an eventful time in the district with constituents, and I will take the thoughts and concerns of the hardworking men and women I met with me to Washington this fall.

Congressman John Moolenaar

Midland, MI

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