This is a photo that needs a little help from the readers. It is believed to be the Dundas school, as Mrs. Witer was teacher there for several years in the 1930s, and many of the students named are listed in the 1930 census in that area. On the back of the photo are the names of many of the students, and I have added their approximate birth years as listed in the 1930 census where possible. There are far more people in the photo than there are names, and the names are each in a different handwriting – like maybe they were autographs collected by the owner of the photo. I am including the entire transcribed list in hopes that someone will recognize a relative and let us know. I will also post this photo on the Gladwin County Historical Society facebook page to allow people to tag or note people they can identify. It is possible that this was the last class at the Dundas School, as it was merged into the Beaverton School District in 1937, and the children were bussed to the school in Beaverton from then on. List of those in the photo, Mrs. Witer, Harold Lidster (1925), Oliver Moore (1921), Kenneth Lidster (1928), Floyd C .[Fox maybe], C. W. Bluntschly (1923), Harvey Bluntschly (1928), Douglas Oliver (1923), Jack Oliver (1926), Geraldine Snyder (1924), Donna M. Fox, Helen McKimmy (1922), Alice McKimmy (1925), Leonard Bird (1924), Mildred McKimmy (1924), Loretta Bluntschly (1926), Luella P. Wooley (1928), Iola McKimmy (1928), Harold Bird (1927), Eva Bird (1921), Kenneth F. Roebuck, Bonnie R. Wooley (1927), Margret McKimmy, Paul Wooley (1930).