Shirts for flood relief

GLADWIN COUNTY – Alicia Crane at the Broken Attic has teamed up with Star Gust from Redeemed Marketplace to create t-shirts and designs in support of the Gladwin County flood relief. 

According to Alicia, they have sold over 1,200 shirts with over 40 various designs. One-hundred percent of the profits are being donated to the Gladwin County Flood Relief Fund. Alicia mentioned that they have raised a total of $17,000 for the fund from their sales. These sales are primarily made by local residents, however many sales have been made on a national scale according to Alicia. 

“I have more local customers because of Facebook, but I have customers from Alaska to Texas. Our biggest [design] seller was a Gladwin Strong shirt. We have sold a ton of shirts to people who grew up here and have since moved away,” Alicia said. 

She also mentioned that she had just recently received her first order for outside of the country.

Alicia and her team continue to develop face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic as well. She has received a lot of help during the process, and believes that the lower demand for face masks lately has allowed her more time to focus on the flood relief aid. 

One of the members of Alicia’s team for creating the masks, Karre Ballard, has friends in Arizona who are a part of the Navajo Indian Tribe that have been struggling intensely with the COVID-19 virus. Alicia also credits many other members who have dedicated many hours twoard both shirt and mask development. One specific individual is Elaine Ballard who Alicia claims has not lost any momentum in her longterm dedication to the groups efforts.

The group has been able to supply them masks and even some gowns made from extra material. Alicia and her team plan to continue their production until demand has completely halted. 

“Today we had requests for over 200 masks, so as long as there is a need, we will keep going with the masks,” Alicia said. “I think they are so important and I am a huge supporter of wearing masks.”

The t-shirt designing began two days after the flooding occurred once Alicia became aware of how bad the situation was. She believed she would be able to sell a few shirts and donate the profits in order to help out. In her first night, Alicia made $9,000 in profits with only a few established designs. The designs are made to address and support the locations affected by the flooding such as Gladwin and Midland and more specifically Wixom Lake and Sanford Lake to name a few. 

The shirts are available on The Broken Attic Shop Etsy website at or by calling her at 989-387-2342 to place an order. They will also be set up at Redeemed Marketplace starting this upcoming weekend with a limited inventory. 

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