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GLADWIN COUNTY ­– The following are the results from the Nov. 3 election in Gladwin County. Only the results from the county are included as the other results continue to be counted throughout the state and nation. These results are according to the Gladwin County Election Summary Report issued out by the Gladwin County Clerk’s office. The results became available at 5:15 a.m. on Wednesday, November 4.

Gladwin County Offices

Prosecuting Attorney: Aaron Miller (REP) with 10,687 votes.

County Sheriff: Michael Shea (DEM) with 9,845 votes.

County Clerk: Kerrie Hulme (REP) with 7,287 votes; Laura Brandon-Maveal (DEM) with 6,755 votes.

County Treasurer: Christy VanTiem (DEM) with 8,812 votes.

County Register of Deeds: Ann Manning-Clayton (DEM) with 8,720 votes.

County Road Commissioner: David Greaves (REP) with 9,635 votes; Larry Miller (DEM) with 4,252 votes.

County Drain Commissioner: Terry Walters (REP) with 10,988 votes.

County Commissioner 1st District: Kyle Grove (REP) with 2,404 votes.

County Commissioner 2nd District: Ron Taylor (REP) with 2,178 votes.

County Commissioner 3rd District: Kyle Diller (DEM) with 1,664 votes.

County Commissioner 4th District: Karen Moore (REP) with 2,232 votes.

County Commissioner 5th District: Rick Grove (REP) with 1,948 votes.

Beaverton Township

Supervisor: Tim Mickler (REP) with 744 votes.

Clerk: Katery Stoike (REP) with 593 votes; Madalyn Hubble (DEM) with 340 votes.

Treasurer: LuAnn Domako (REP) with 786 votes.

Trustee: Tom Murray (REP) with 628 votes; Joseph Sprague (REP) with 600 votes; Barbara Drudi (DEM) with 237 votes.

City of Beaverton City Council Member: Kevin Neville with 265 votes; Nellie List with 228 votes.

Local School District Board Member for Beaverton Schools: Tammy Grove with 2,635 votes; Michael Dodman with 1,576 votes; Bill Reader with 1,549 votes.

Bentley Township

Supervisor: Bradley Neumeyer (DEM) with 246 votes; Robert Pettit (REP) with 220 votes.

Clerk: Jennifer Buczek (DEM) with 307 votes.

Treasurer: Sharon Roy-Krahner (DEM) with 313 votes.

Trustee: Thomas Shepard (DEM) with 277 votes; Thomas Raushi (DEM) with 260 votes.

Billings Township

Supervisor: Tim Mester (REP) with 966 votes; Larry Grell (DEM) with 444 votes.

Clerk: Linda McSweyn (DEM) with 846 votes.

Treasurer: Len Pytiak (NPA) with 691 votes.

Trustee: Cynthia Whittington (REP) with 919 votes; Brian Johnson (DEM) with 589 votes; Keith Popour (DEM) with 497 votes.

Constable: Richard Schroeder (REP) with 1,038 votes.

Road Millage Renewal: Yes with 820 votes; No with 485 votes.

Bourret Township

Supervisor: Tony Marshall (REP) with 214 votes.

Clerk: Lisa Ball (DEM) with 133 votes.

Treasurer: Ruth Fournier (REP) with 218 votes.

Trustee: Terry Bruce (REP) with 155 votes; Terry Hargraves (NPA) with 79 votes; Rick Ballor (NPA) with 58 votes; Charles Thorne (NPA) with 44 votes.

Buckeye Township

Supervisor: Kevin Van Tiem (DEM) with 455 votes.

Clerk: Charity Longstreth (REP) with 621 votes.

Treasurer: Elizabeth Looker (DEM) with 466 votes.

Trustee: Pauline Brabon (REP) with 509 votes; Martin Look (DEM) with 274 votes; Justin Eastman (DEM) with 189 votes.

Constable: Roger Geno (DEM) with 417 votes.

Butman Township

Supervisor: Danny Gonzales (REP) with 1,150 votes.

Clerk: Alayna Alexander (REP) with 1,159 votes.

Treasurer: Nancy Greene (REP) with 1,144 votes.

Trustee: Michael Mahaffy (RE) with 1,100 votes; Jac Groppuso (REP) with 1,021 votes.

Clement Township

Supervisor: Karon Hoffman (DEM) with 291 votes.

Clerk: Eric House (REP) with 410 votes.

Treasurer: Carolyn Ochab (REP) with 427 votes.

Trustee: Kim Davis (REP) with 409 votes; Albert Lee (REP) with 380 votes.

Gladwin Township

Supervisor: Robert Weaver (REP) with 390 votes.

Clerk: Kristie Simrau (REP) with 410 votes.

Treasurer Jodie Klamer (REP) with 413 votes.

Trustee: Doug Ritchie (REP) with 349 votes; John Mella (REP) with 323 votes.

Local School District Board Member for Gladwin Community Schools: Gregory Alward with 2,958 votes; Kelly Gower with 2,872 votes; Carol Darlington with 2,723 votes.

Gladwin City Public Safety Protection Proposal: Yes with 652 votes; No with 646 votes.

Grim Township

Supervisor: Andy Schneider (REP) with 59 votes.

Clerk: Linda O’Dell (REP) with 62 votes.

Treasurer: Linda Lyons (REP) with 60 votes.

Trustee: Basil Lyons (REP) with 53 votes; Lonnie Pacholke (DEM) with 32 votes.

Grout Township

Supervisor: James Shea (DEM) with 643 votes.

Clerk: Anna Auer (REP) with 785 votes.

Treasurer: Melody Hill (REP) with 787 votes.

Trustee: Richard Christie (REP) with 648 votes; Stacy Woodbury (DEM) with 428 votes.

Hay Township

Supervisor: Mark Mudge (DEM) with 286 votes; Jay Uchiyama (NPA) with 250 votes.

Clerk: Sandra Priemer (DEM) with 455 votes.

Treasurer: Diane Kludt (DEM) with 449 votes.

Trustee: Steve Monaghan (DEM) with 407 votes; Mark Mudge (DEM) with 335 votes.

Sage Township

Supervisor: Renee Zelt (REP) with 1,120 votes.

Clerk: Laura Rach (REP) with 1,118 votes.

Treasurer: Janet Smith (REP) with 1,121 votes.

Trustee: Kent Crawford (REP) with 1,024 votes; Dennis Vannest (REP) with 950 votes.

Secord Township

Supervisor: Joel Vernier (REP) with 620 votes.

Clerk: Maria Alward (REP) with 620 votes.

Treasurer: Kathie Hart (DEM) with 448 votes.

Trustee: William Bowman (REP) with 579 votes; Martin Holmes (REP) with 549 votes.

Constable: Maxine Larson (NPA) with 436 votes.

Sherman Township

Supervisor: John Jurgensen (REP) with 462 votes.

Clerk: Lisa Myrick (REP) with 466 votes.

Treasurer: Jean Jurgensen (REP) with 457 votes.

Trustee: Sarah Paisley (REP) with 413 votes; Ron Grabowski (DEM) with 231 votes.

Tobacco Township

Supervisor: Craig Bergman (REP) with 1,187 votes.

Clerk: Roshelle Brubaker (DEM) with 1,013 votes.

Treasurer: Jusy Wyse (DEM) with 1,004 votes.

Trustee: William Oard (REP) with 1,034 votes; John Blades (DEM) with 682 votes.

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