BEAVERTON – Beaverton Schools announced on Sunday, Nov. 8 that they would be closing the Beaverton Jr./Sr. High School and the Beaverton Elementary School for the day on Monday, Nov. 9. 

According to a Facebook post made by Beaverton Schools, on Sunday afternoon, a Beaverton employee notified the administration of their positive COVID-19 diagnosis. The post also included that a Beaverton parent tested positive and that their children were attending school.

The post states, “this will cause numerous staff and students to be quarantined for a period of time that is still unknown. We plan to decontaminate the buildings and continue our contact tracing throughout Monday. The schools and/or the Health Department will be notifying which students and staff need to be quarantined.” 

On Monday, Nov. 9, Beaverton Schools posted  that there have been two other situations the schools have had to “contact trace” due to positive exposure. 

The post indicates that after contacting the local health department, the administration has decided to reopen the schools on Tuesday, Nov. 10. However, four classes will be held virtually as a response to possible exposure. Those classes include: 

- Young 5’s classroom.

- Mrs. Revis’ Kindergarten classroom.

- Mrs. Smith’s and Mrs. Born’s 2nd grade classrooms.

- All 7th grade classrooms. 

Monday’s post states, “All classes that are listed as virtual learning are asked to not report to school. These classes will have further communication coming from the building principal. If your class is not listed as virtual, then your class will be resuming as normal tomorrow.” 

Beaverton Schools plead with the community to keep children home when they are not feeling well. Parents/guardians are also reminded by the administration to screen their children daily before sending them to school.

“We understand that this may be an inconvenience for some folks,” the post reads. “But we want to continue offering our quality educational programs in a face-to-face environment as much as possible.”

According to the Central Michigan District Health Department (CMDHD) website, the number of cases in Gladwin County has reached the highest amount of total reported cases yet at 268 confirmed cases as of Monday, Nov. 9. Cases continue to rise throughout many of the mid Michigan counties. 

To view an up-to-date listing of the COVID-19 case count by county, visit the CMDHD website at To view continued updates for Beaverton Schools, visit the Beaverton Schools Facebook page. 


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