GLADWIN COUNTY – The following are the results of the August 4, 2020 primary election.

County Offices

Prosecuting Attorney: Aaron Miller (REP) with 3,373 votes.

County Sheriff: Michael Shea (DEM) with 2,113 votes.

County Clerk: Karrie Hulme (REP) with 2,912 votes and Laura Brandon-Maveal (DEM) with 2,077 votes.

County Treasurer: Christy Van Tiem (DEM) with 2,062 votes.

County Register of Deeds: Ann Manning-Clayton (DEM) with 2,046 votes.

County Road Comissioner: David Greaves (REP) with 2,357 votes, Ronald Brabon (REP) with 1,182 votes, and Larry Miller (DEM) with 1,947 votes.

County Drain Comissioner: Terry Walters (REP) with 1,671 votes, Delyme Schneider (REP) with 1,158 votes, and Robert Evans (REP) with 814 votes.

County Commissioner, 1st District: Kyle Grove (REP) with 788 votes.

County Commissioner, 2nd District: Ron Taylor (REP) with 618 votes.

County Commissioner, 3rd District: Kyle Diller (DEM) with 476 votes.

County Commissioner, 4th District: Karen Moore (REP) with 625 votes.

County Commissioner, 5th District: Rick Grove (REP) with 612 votes.

Township offices and proposals


Beaverton Township

Supervisor: Tim Mickler (REP) with 220 votes.

Clerk: Katery Stoike (REP) with 227 votes and Madalyn Hubble (DEM) with 93 votes.

Treasurer: LuAnn Domako (REP) with 249 votes.

Trustee: Tom Murray (REP) with 169 votes, Joespeh Sprague (REP) with 161 votes, and Barbara Drudi (DEM) with 85 votes.

Precinct Delegate for the City of Beaverton: Ed Rachwitz (DEM) with 83 votes.

Beaverton Fire Millage Proposal: Yes with 216 votes and No with 112 votes.

Bentley Township

Supervisor: Bradley Neumeyer (DEM) with 76 votes and Robert Pettit (REP) with 67 votes.

Clerk: Jennifer Buczek (DEM) with 72 votes.

Treasurer: Sharon Roy-Krahner (DEM) with 72 votes.

Trustee: Thomas Maughi (DEM) with 65 votes and Thomas Shepard (DEM) with 61 votes.

Billings Township

Supervisor: Tim Mester (REP) with 271 votes and Larry Grell (DEM) with 213 votes.

Clerk: Linda McSweyn (DEM) with 232 votes.

Trustee: Cynthia Whittington (REP) with 252 votes, Brian Johnson (DEM) with 197 votes and Keith Popour (DEM) with 167 votes.

Bourret Township

Supervisor: Tony Marshall (REP) with 68 votes.

Clerk: Lisa Ball (DEM) with 40 votes.

Treasurer: Ruth Fournier (REP) with 76 votes.

Trustee: Terry Bruce (REP) with 67 votes.

Bourret Road Millage: Yes with 84 votes, No with 43 votes.

Bourret Fire and Rescue: Yes with 91 votes, No with 38 votes.

Buckeye Township

Supervisor: Kevin Van Tiem (DEM) with 69 votes.

Clerk: Charity Longstreth (REP) with 177 votes.

Treasurer: Elizabeth Looker (DEM) with 68 votes.

Trustee: Pauline Brabon (REP) with 162 votes, Justin Eastman (DEM) with 52 votes, and Martin Looker (DEM) with 51 votes.

Constable: Roger Geno (DEM) with 66 votes.

Precinct Delegate: Ronald Brabon (REP) with 152 votes and Pauline Brabon (REP) with 130 votes.

Butman Township

Supervisor: Danny Gonzales (REP) with 184 votes and Thomas Pellegrin (REP) with 138 votes.

Clerk: Alayna Alexander (REP) with 324 votes.

Treasurer: Nancy Greene (REP) with 208 votes.

Trustee: Michael Mahaffy (REP) with 293 votes and Jac Groppuso (REP) with 218 votes.

Precinct Delegate: Michael Mahaffy (REP) with 267 votes, Chuck Norris (REP) with 234 votes, Barbara Clough (REP) with 214 votes, and Randall Clough (REP) with 199 votes.

Butman Mosquito Control Proposal: Yes with 505 votes, No with 101 votes.

Clement Township       

Supervisor: Karon Hoffman (DEM) with 73 votes.

Clerk: Eric House (REP) with 115 votes.

Treasurer: Carolyn Ochab (REP) with 124 votes.

Trustee: Kim Davis (REP) with 114 votes and Albert Lee (REP) with 74 votes.

Clement Fire and Rescue Services Proposal: Yes with 171 votes, No with 74 votes.

Clement Road Proposal: Yes with 148 votes, No with 96 votes.

Gladwin Township

Supervisor: Robert Weaver (REP) with 159 votes.

Clerk: Kristie Simrau (REP) with 168 votes.

Treasurer: Jodie Klamer (REP) with 169 votes.

Trustee: Doug Ritchie (REP) with 140 votes and John Mella (REP) with 107 votes.

Precinct 1 Delegate for City of Gladwin: Pricilla Hubbs Szerdi (REP) with 103 votes.

Precinct 2 Delegate for City of Gladwin: Richard Beadle (REP) with 101 votes and Sarah Kile (REP) with 91 votes.

Grim Township

Supervisor: Andy Schneider (REP) with 16 votes.

Clerk: Linda O’Dell (REP) with 19 votes.

Treasurer: Linda Lyons (REP) with 18 votes.

Trustee: Basil Lyons (REP) with 17 votes and Lonnie Pacholke (DEM) with 14 votes.

Grout Township

Supervisor: James Shea (DEM) with 97 votes.

Clerk: Anna Auer (REP) with 248 votes.

Treasurer: Melody Hill (REP) with 260 votes.

Trustee: Richard Christie (REP) with 233 votes and Stacy Woodbury (DEM) with 93 votes.

Precinct Delegate: LaVel Smith (REP) with 193 votes, William Smith (REP) with 187 votes, and Donald Birgel (REP) with 156 votes.

Hay Township

Clerk: Sandra Priemer (DEM) with 127 votes.

Treasurer: Diane Kludt (DEM) with 127 votes.

Trustee: Steve Monaghan (DEM) with 110 votes and Mark Mudge (DEM) with 82 votes.

Hay Gravel Road Millage: Yes with 131 votes, No with 113 votes.

Sage Township

Supervisor: Renee Zelt (REP) with 361 votes.

Clerk: Laura Flach (REP) with 363 votes.

Treasurer: Janet Smith (REP) with 361 votes.

Trustee: Kent Crawford (REP) with 298 votes and Dennis Vamest (REP) with 267 votes.

Sage Mosquito Control Proposal: Yes with 469 votes, No wit 101 votes.

Secord Township

Supervisor: Joel Vernier (REP) with 212 votes.

Clerk: Maria Alward (REP) with 226 votes.

Treasurer: Kathie Hart (DEM) with 115 votes.

Trustee: William Bowman (REP) with 175 votes and Martin Holmes (REP) with 156 votes.


Sherman Township

Supervisor: John Jurgensen (REP) with 146 votes.

Clerk: Lisa Myrick (REP) with 146 votes.

Treasurer: Jean Jurgensen (REP) with 142 votes.

Trustee: Sarah Paisley (REP) with 146 votes and Ron Grabowski (DEM) with 65 votes.

Tobacco Township

Supervisor: Craig Bergman (REP) with 356 votes.

Clerk: Roshelle Brubaker (DEM) with 246 votes.

Treasurer: Judy Wyse (DEM) with 249 votes.

Trustee: William Oard (REP) with 343 votes and John Blades (DEM) with 238 votes.

Precinct Delegate: Sandra Sprague (REP) with 248 votes, Michael Fields (DEM) with 226 votes, John Sydenstricker (REP) with 240 votes, and Mary Moylan (REP) with 199 votes.

Tobacco Fire Protection Millage Proposal: Yes with 459 votes, No with 147 votes.

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