“Until we meet again”

As of tomorrow, Thursday, Jan. 16, I will no longer be the editor of the Record&Clarion and my tenure at this 143-year-old Gladwin County institution will have come to a close. In different ways my time here has felt both brief and long-stretching. I’ve grown both personally and professionally from my experiences here, as I would hope anyone would in a position that they undertake. 

Despite having lived in this community for the majority of my life, I have learned so much more about it since I began as a reporter here. The knowledge that I have gained has reshaped some of my thoughts about my adolescent experience in Gladwin. I can now clearly see the players in the community who help shape the area to be what it is, and those who put in effort to make Gladwin County a wonderful place to grow up.

As those who have left their hometowns as an adult, rather than as a late teen/early 20-something, can attest – leaving home is not easy. Like many, as a teenager I counted the days until I would leave. Yet in my mid 20s I found myself living in Gladwin for six years. Initially this was not by choice, but rather by the apathy of a person who was in a spiral of depression, loneliness, and uncertainty of the future. Eventually though I was lucky, in that light broke through that spiral, a plan for my life was formed and I found direction in the form of the very thing I once rallied against – journalism. 

To some that might seem silly. But when I responded to the help wanted ad here at the paper I wasn’t even sure that I wanted to pursue the field that I had once studied in college. But getting on at this newspaper was one of the best things that could have happened in my life. It reignited not only my interest in writing, but also my interest in life. 

Six months after starting as a reporter, the Editor who hired me, Nathan Paisley, left the Record for another job outside of the field. He recommended me as a replacement. After only six months as a reporter I was terrified and felt outside of my depth, but took the job nonetheless. 

During my time as editor I not only grew professionally by learning a new set of skills, but I finally completed my degree at CMU, I married a man who means the absolute world to me, and I grew more confident in who I am as a person. I realized my love for this profession, and had no intention of leaving this beautiful newspaper in the near future. 

Life though, often has it’s own path set out for you. 

An opportunity came up at a newspaper owned by the Record’s corporate owner, Adam’s Publishing Group. And I had decided a while ago, that when opportunity knocks it is best to answer. So as of the end of the day on Thursday, I will no longer be the editor of the paper that in a short amount of time helped make me. 

I will miss this community and my co-workers at the paper more than I can probably express. The community of Gladwin County is special. It is warm, it is vibrant, and it is fierce. I see this county as having one foot locked firmly in it’s past and traditions, and the other foot lifting out, balancing on a step towards the future. Both feet are 

And Gladwin County will do just that. 

The people of the county are ready for change, while still honoring what came before them. Seeing this 

taking place while being the editor has been beautiful, and I look forward to watching Gladwin County fully embrace both past and future. 

Thank you to the community for embracing me as the editor of the Record, you have been wonderful to work with, and I know that you will welcome the new editor just as warmly. Thank you for indulging me with the occasional editorials such as this one. 

I’m excited for my new adventure, and excited for the new editor, Max Milne to step into this position. It’s an honor to leave a mark on a historic newspaper. I hope I have done it justice. 

Until we meet again, Gladwin County. 

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