Kim Shea

Pictured is Kennedy along with her parents, Mike and Kim Shea.

BEAVERTON – Kennedy Shea recently graduated with her MBA from Northwood University DeVos Graduate School. 

Kennedy will be continuing her career at Robinson Industries in a new position that they created especially for her, operations liaison. She will be responsible for managing customer accounts throughout the process of sales, engineering, and production, ensuring their specifications are met and communicated to various supervisors. It can be compared to a mix between supply chain and product management. 

She’s very excited to continue contributing locally to the company where she’s worked since she was 16 years old as the position offers a lot of growth opportunity.

Kennedy also was named a 2018 National Champion with Business Professionals of America. She actually had to leave the National Post-Secondary Collegiate BPA competition in Dallas in order to make it home in time for graduation. 

Kennedy was awarded first place and the national championship in Advanced Interview Skills and also earned second place in Human Resource Management.