MNS Auto Sales

GLADWIN – A change of ownership and a new director for the future has come to MNS Auto Sales and The Gladwin Auto Auction. Jim Manning has owned The Gladwin Auto Auction since 1987. As of Jan. 1, Mike Shade officially has taken over the helm.  

Since the beginning of the Gladwin Auto Auction, the auction has been available to dealerships only. This gave dealerships a way to sell off their excess or duplicate inventory. However, in the recent years Manning has seen a need for a change in the industry. 

“Automobile marketing has changed in the last few years, and I felt it was time to expand our offerings to the public. That is when Mike Shade came into the picture,” Manning said. 

Shade has been in the auto industry for 34 years in various capacities. He has been in sales, sales management, and even owned his own used car dealership in Beaverton. 

The transition between the two men seemed like a natural fit. Manning had known he wanted to change  the business model to open up the auction to the public. Shade took that plan and added to it by expanding the M-61 storefront to include an auto detail and sales center that could work in concert with the auto auction. 

“I knew then that I had the right man to carry this business and it’s employees into the future,” Manning said.

The expansion is currently under construction, and has been delayed due to the recent extreme weather, but Shade hopes it will be completed within a few weeks. 

The community has been responsive to the changes within the business. Shade says they’ve been getting a lot of feedback. Both auto detailing and the auction is available to the public and dealers. “Business is climbing every week,” Shade said. This was all part of his goal to bring more business to the community. 

“His energy and desire to bring more traffic to the Gladwin and Beaverton area convinced me that the ownership and director of this business should be in his hands,” Manning said. 

Manning has worked with Shade through the transition and has been there to give his advice based on his 32 years of experience. “Working with Jim has been great, he’s a great mentor,” Shade said. 

The auto auction takes place on the last Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at 2106 W. M-61, Gladwin. Any vehicle is welcome to be auctioned. If you are interested in auctioning a vehicle call 989-435-6800.