GLADWIN COUNTY – The Gladwin County Clerk has issued a notice for an election that will be held in Gladwin County on Tuesday, August 4. The polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.Candidates for the election include:


-United States Senator: Gary Peters (incumbent, D), John James ®

- Representative in Congress 4th District: John Moolenaar (incumbent, R), Anthony Feig (D), Jerry Hilliard (D)


- 97th State Representative: Jason Wentworth (incumbent, R), Shane Atwell (D), Celia Young-Wenkel (D)

County Offices

- Drain Commissioner: Robert Evans (incumbent, R), Delynne Schneider (R), Terry Walters (R)

- Road Commissioner: Ronald Brabon (incumbent, R), David Greaves (R), Larry Miller (D)

- Registrar of Deeds: Ann Manning-Clayton (incumbent, D)

- County Treasurer: Christy Van Tiem (incumbent, D)

- County Clerk: Laura Brandon-Maveal (incumbent, D), Karrie Hulme (R)

- County Sheriff: Michael Shea (incumbent, D)

- Prosecuting Attorney: Aaron Miller (incumbent, R)

- County Commissioner for District 1: Kyle Grove (incumbent, R)

- County Commissioner for District 2: Ron Taylor (incumbent, R)

- County Commissioner for District 3: Kyle Diller (D)

- County Commissioner for District 4: Karen Moore (R)

- County Commissioner for District 5: Rick Grove (incumbent, R)

Local township offices are also up for election includingSupervisor, Clerk, Treasurer, Trustees, and Constable. For a complete list of the local candidates, please visit and navigate to the August 2020 Ballot link.


The Beaverton Township Fire millage, Bentley Township Fire millage, Bentley Township Road millage, Bourret Township brine proposal, Bourret Township fire and rescue proposal, Butman Township mosquito proposal, Clement Township fire and rescue proposal, Clement Township road proposal, Hay Township gravel road millage, Sage Township mosquito control, and Tobacco Township Fire millage.

For information on voting locations and public accuracy testing, visit and click the “Notice of August 04, 2020 Election” link.

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