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With the first edition of the new year, the Gladwin County Record & Beaverton Clarion (GCR) offers readers a look back at 2021, and some of the biggest and greatest stories as well as some interesting data compiled from our websites content management system. 

In 2021, there was a large amount of popular articles over the summer as opposed to 2020, when spring stories (COVID-19 and the May 2020 flood) were the most viewed. There are popular stories throughout each season of course, however, the summer contains the most.

In the summer of 2021, the most viewed story of the year was published, “Restoring the lakes.” This in-depth article included highly anticipated details of the Four Lakes Task Force’s plans to restore the lakes affected by the May 2020 flood. Published in the same month of July, was the article “Preserving family history through poetry,” which was another popular article and featured a local poet who had passed years ago, though lived on through her poetry and her husband’s memories. 

In August 2021, the article “Pale Blue Smoke comes to the Stone House” generated a lot of activity and for a good reason. Local business owners, Brandon and Becky Hodgins of Pale Blue Smoking Co. moved there business into the long dormant, though well-known Stone House in Gladwin. This article looks into the work that went into the move and a bit of history as well. 

At the beginning of 2021, the stories “Blind dining,” and “Strong Roots” ran in January, the former offering a look at how local business was adapting to a never-ending pandemic, and the latter looking into the origins of one of Gladwin County’s most influential families. 

In February, the article “Brevyn Strong” published, generating a lot of online views. Brevyn was a well-known survivor of a motorbike accident, who went through many long months of recovery and rehabilitation. This article released shortly after his return home to Gladwin, when the city threw a welcome home parade for Brevyn. 

One of the later articles in the year, “Restoring family history” gained a lot of attention in September. This told the story of a longtime Gladwin County family home that was purchased by the original family after being sold out of the family. After returning to the family, the house was restored to its original design and rented out as an Air BnB for all to enjoy. 

Outside of popular articles, some interesting data from 2021 includes a total obituary count of 301, six birth announcements, seven anniversary announcements, four wedding announcements, and five family generational photos. Over 2021, there were eight total accidents reported on in the Record, and a total of seven fires. 

This past year was a fresh take on local news after a year of consistent COVID-19 news and the anticipation of the 2020 election. We at the Record hope to provide the best local stories and information possible for our readers in 2022. Happy new year!  

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