Dr. Bassil


BEAVERTON – Beaverton has enjoyed a new friendly face this fall when dealing with a trip to the dentist’s office thanks to Dr. Samantha Bassil, D.D.S., Beaverton Family Dentistry’s new dentist.

Dr. Bassil started at the practice in July, and has been hitting the ground running. Bassil, originally from Midland, is familiar with the area thanks to her parents having property on Wixom Lake. “I grew up spending almost every summer in Beaverton at Wixom Lake,” Dr. Bassil said.

While she was in high school, Dr. Bassil worked at her dentist’s office, where she fell in love with the work. 

After graduating high school she attended Detroit Mercy, graduating from their 7-year program and doing an additional one-year residency at the Veteran’s Affairs Hospital in Ann Arbor. 

After that she worked in a practice in Yspilanti for a few years, but in her heart, mid Michigan was her home. 

“I knew I always wanted to move back here,” Dr. Bassil said. 

She said that where she and her husband were living in Canton during that time was too hectic, and coming back to Beaverton amazed her with how happy people are to see their dentist at each visit. 

“Maybe I had to leave for a little bit to realize how nice people are in small towns.”

Part of that excitement to see the dentist may be due to Beaverton once again having a consistent dentist in the area. After Dr. Warren died in September 2018, the city was left without a dentist. While Beaverton Family Dentistry, where Dr. Warren practiced, kept their doors open, having temporary dentists was simply not the same. 

The people of Beaverton were worried about whether the practice would close without a full-time dentist. 

Dr. Bassil recognizes this, and saw how difficult it was on the community. “There’s not really another dentist in Beaverton so it’s something the community needs.”

Sadly, Dr. Bassil was never  able to meet Dr. Warren, but she still feels like she understands the connection he had with his patients. 

“Meeting a lot of his patients and staff members I can tell he was a really good dentist. Most people don’t talk so highly of their dentist so I know I have big shoes to fill, but I’m excited.”

 Though they may be big shoes to fill, Dr. Bassil believes she has plenty of time to work towards that goal. “I’m hoping to stay in the area my whole career, so I hope I can become that person that people can always come to in the area,” Dr. Bassil said. 

Beaverton Family Dentistry is located at 4291 Beaverton Rd., Beaverton. You can reach them at 989-435-7734.

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