Disc Golf course

GLADWIN – At the August 17 Gladwin City Council meeting, the Gladwin City Park Commission provided more information about the future disc golf course coming to the North Park in Gladwin. The plans to construct a disc golf course in Gladwin have been in the works since the city received access to state grants through Project Rising Tide. The council approved the construction last October and have continued to move forward with the project. 

“During our time with Project Rising Tide, a disc golf course was one of those things that was at the top of our list,” said Gladwin City Manager, Chris Shannon. 

According to the park commission, the US Disc Golf Association has an available matching grant that they are looking to use to help cover the costs of the equipment for the course.

Gladwin City Councilwoman, Carol Darlington asked the park commission about those who have no discs or accessories to play with. The city park commission mentioned that some businesses, specifically the Riverwalk Place, will be selling disc golf supplies as well as possibly offering rentals.

“There is someone here all the time,” said Riverwalk Place owner,  DeVere Dennings. “That will make it easy for someone to be available to check in and out the equipment or to provide the discs to those who need them.”

The park commission also spoke about the possibility of offering equipment for the public to check out at the ranger station in the park. The city park will be tasked with maintenance and upkeep of the course itself

The initial course will feature nine disc golf holes, however, the park commission has plans on extending to a full 18 hole course in the future. Having a full 18 hole course will open the door for future funding and grants from disc golf associations by being able to hold tournaments and events. Chris Shannon believes that this will also draw more people to the area. Depending on the overall popularity of the course, and the potential for future funding, the park commission said they could even see adding an entire other 18-hole course in the future as well.

The construction and paving of the course began on Sunday, August 23 with the help of city park employees as well as a few volunteers and disc golf enthusiasts. 

The park’s commission was pleased by how things are coming along with the project. With the paved property being seeded this fall, they believe the course will be ready by the spring.

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