Joel Vernier

January naps are obligatory and effortless. Some people go to sleep using white noise sleep machines; the white noise seems to cause your brain to blank out and allow you to sleep. In January, everything is white! Snow is on the trees, the grass, the windows, and the cars. Everywhere you look, there is white snow. 

As I settle into my “Comfy Chair,” I pull on my white throw, covered with hair from the fur-babies, and look outside at all of the white snow and ice. My mind goes blank (that is not too difficult, to begin with) and off I go to a quick REM excursion into a dreamlike January snowscape.

I will describe my dream as a white winter wonderland, a snowscape of chocolate delights. Imagine floating on an ocean of soft white chocolate, wearing a robe of white cotton candy, and laying your pillow made of a large marshmallow. The aroma of vanilla, white chocolate, and fluff fills your nostrils.

The temperature is warm, tropical, and yet not sticky. Calories do not count here, so you can dash from edible delight to edible delight without any concern about consuming everything in this world. And consume I did. First, I drank the ocean made of white chocolate with sea salt, of course. White flowers, fragrant and sweet, chocolate beans, vanilla wafers, I could quickly become a candytarian (something like a vegetarian, but better).

As I hurried up to a floating white floral arrangement, my taste buds were standing on end in anticipation like goosebumps on your skin. I then felt a great white weed tugging at my arm, tug, and tug and tug again! The tugging began to wake me up from my dreamscape, and I floated up many levels to the stark reality of a January day. 

It was my wife waking me again, definitely a bad habit of hers, “Joel, we have too much snow on the roof; you need to go and look at it!” I thought to myself, “why?” I am not about to climb on the roof and shovel it off. 

I get nervous getting up on the step stool to reach the sundae toppings on the kitchen cabinet’s top-shelf. 

“Ok, I will go out and take a look at the roof.” Sure enough, there was a lot of snow up there, not good. The weather report suggested that we would have a warm-up for a couple of days and some rain. That should take care of it! If not, I can call my handyman. While I was outside, I decided to look around, yep lots of white! Sure is January all right!

I headed back to the house for a snack, a cup of hot cocoa and decided to ease back into my “Comfy Chair” to watch the local news. The news would be on in about an hour and a half; that should work out just about right. I sat back, put my feet up, pulled my throw around me, and began to wait for the news. ZZZZZZZZ!

“Remember, every day is a gift! Some are just a little more fun to open than others. – © Joel M. Vernier 01/11/2021 Author of: “The Guinea Pig In The Freezer.”

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