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I have been writing “View From The Comfy Chair” for over six years now. It is based on a character that is an “every-man”, a retired Mid-Michigan fellow who’s number one goal in life is to spend every day relaxing in his “Comfy Chair” napping watching his wide-screen television. 

Life keeps taking him out of his “Comfy Chair” and into one adventure after another, only to end up comfortably back in his chair at the end of each column. 

Yes, I must profess that the character is loosely based on my current lifestyle, although those that know me, also know that with my charity work: Past Grand Knight Knights of Columbus Council 5280, Board Director Sacred Heart Mission Gladwin, and bereavement team Sacred Heart Parrish in addition to my management and sales consulting business Soft Skills and my new book “The Guinea Pig In The Freezer” I keep very busy and some days just dream about my naps in my “Comfy Chair!”

 I have both a communications and psychology degrees that I draw on for motivation for my character. The column is designed to give readers a smile, a humorous escape from the challenging times we live in.

 My New book “The Guinea Pig In The Freezer” is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and several local retail outlets!

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I was enjoying my favorite pastime; deep into REM sleep snuggled into my “Comfy Chair.” Winter naps are so awesome; it must be the whole hibernation thing! We do share some of the same genes as bear’s right? I mean I love “Picinic Baskets” just like Yogi Bear does! Of course I don’t steal them off picnic tables like Yogi does while trying not to get caught by Mr. Ranger, but I have been known to snitch a piece of pie out of the refrigerator while trying not to get caught by Mrs. Ranger. 

My figure looks a little “Bear” like or “Pear” like. I do try to take mini-hibernation periods throughout the day. With the seven degrees of separation, does that include the Animal Kingdom? 

When I was younger I could run like a “Gazelle”. While I have never, “Eaten like a Bird”, I have been as ravenous as a “Piranha”, or hungry enough to eat a “Horse.” I have slept like a “Dog”, dog tired of course, dressed up and strutted like a “Peacock”; I’ve been “Strong like bull!” And weak as a “Kitten!” 

Yes, I am an animal lover! I have shared my life with many dogs (fur babies) they’ve been my best friends! I have enjoyed hamsters, guinea pigs, cats, chameleons, rabbits, and fishes too! I’m not a vegetarian, but I love most vegetables and I have several “Vegan” friends. 

I just noticed that I find myself in a predicament, my mind was racing with thoughts of my beloved animal friends, and I just noticed that I’m not napping anymore, and it’s between breakfast and lunch time. 

Oh well, I guess I might as well raid the refrigerator, Mrs Ranger is out getting her hair done. “All right Boo Boo, (Yogi Bears little buddy) let’s hit the fridgeerator and then hibernate until lunch time!” 

“Remember, every day is a gift! Some are just a little more fun to open than others. – Joel

©Joel M. Vernier Jan. 24, 2017

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