Joel Vernier

Summer in Michigan has its own set of seasons: spring, fall, winter and summer. While we may not get snow in a Michigan summer, we can get cold temperatures with frost on the patio table and flowers. Frost in summer? Typically, when I think of frost, I picture a fall day; the sun is shining, cold morning with frost on the pumpkins. On some summer days, we get in the clouds, cool weather that seems to hang around for a week or so, that is summer/fall and summer/winter, there are no pumpkins! There are, however, flowers. Some people take their potted flowers in; some cover them with a sheet, blanket, burlap, whatever they can.

Summer/spring can happen anytime, moderate to a cool down, a quick rain shower or two, and the promise of nice weather. The birds sing loudly and often sit in their nests to lay more eggs.

And then, two days later, it’s 90 degrees. I can feel my blood thicken when it’s cold and thin when it’s hot, but this transition does not do a lot for my homeostasis in a matter of hours. Hot summer in Michigan can take several forms, a dry Arizona heat that keeps life livable and cools down at night for easy sleeping. Another form is the dangerous storm weather accompanied by severe storm warnings, tornado warnings, and an afternoon or evening in the basement.

I have to admit that on occasion, we get a tornado watch or warning around 3 a.m., I’ll roll over in bed, pull up my protective covers, and hope for the best; then I begin to worry and head to my basement. So far, so good. I do recommend that everyone take shelter in their basement or safe room. Once I’m up for more than five minutes, I just cannot get back to sleep. So, I put on a movie on my basement television, sit in my old “Comfy Chair,” and nod off.

When the humidity is over 70 and the heat is over 90, it’s hot. And as I get older, it gets hotter! On days like that, I walk the dogs around 6:30 a.m., water the grass, and spend the rest of the day watching movies, napping, and of course, eating. No grilling outside on days you can cook without turning on the grill. Microwave, air fryer, or George Forman Grill time! I also try to keep hydrated with water, juice or anything I can. Even sitting in the air-conditioning, you can get dehydrated. When it is so hot out that you break into a sweat getting the mail, it’s hot!

So, this summer of four seasons, called a Michigan summer, enjoy whatever weather comes our way!

“Remember, every day is a gift! Some are just a little more fun to open than others.” – © Joel M. Vernier 07/05/2021 Author of: “The Guinea Pig In The Freezer.”

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