Joel Vernier

I woke up and shot out of bed like a circus flyer being shot out of a canon, I’m very excited! We went to church last night so today is another “Souper bowl Sunday.” Not associated with the “Super Bowl” football extravaganza that I have watched every year since the first “Super Bowl.” On every winters Sunday, I get up early, put on the coffee and make a batch of homemade soup! Soup is one of the original comfort foods like mac & cheese, anything with pasta, and of course donuts. It is also medicinal; studies have shown that chicken soup helps cold symptoms.

Today, I will make ham and northern bean soup. I labored in the kitchen for an hour, soaked the beans overnight, then sliced and diced, measuring and tasting and at long last it was all poured into the crock pot to simmer all day. I sat down in my comfy chair, pondering, who invented soup and drifted off to a night of deep REM sleep. I felt the room spinning, lights blinking it must be “Time Travel!” I found myself again transported back in time, standing near a cave during the caveman days. 

Of course, I was invisible, the Chronovisor time travel machine just works that way at a lower power setting. I love Time Travel; it gives me the chance to go back in time to see how things may have originated. 

I looked around and spotted Ugg and Ogg, my caveman connection standing by their campfire. I have visited them many times over the years. On the fire was a curved bowl like a rock with what looked like some meat and vegetables. Then quickly a rain shower sprung up, Ugg and Ogg ran into their cave. It indeed was a downpour, but I did not get wet. I don’t seem to be actively back in time because when I enter into a time period, I become an invisible hologram, just as an observer. After a while, Ugg and Ogg appeared outside their cave and walked back over to the fire. Curiously it did not get extinguished from the rain. Ugg looked at Ogg with a disapproving gaze, Ogg had left the food out, and the rock was filled up with water from the rain. 

Ogg picked up the rock bowl with his “Cave-a-lar” gloves, brought it to his lips, and drank. He became very excited and handed it to Ugg, who did the same, he loved it too. Yes, soup was invented that day. For the next few months, Ugg and Ogg tried making all different types of soups, Pterodactyl nest soup, Brontosaurus and corn soup, it seemed whatever they tried came out good! There were some exceptions, the Bat Guano, molasses and beans did not seem to taste very good. Ugg threw it at Ogg and complained loudly. Next time I come for a visit; I’ll have to introduce them to salt for their soups.

I felt my shoulder shaking, and back from my time excursion I quickly came back and was abruptly awake. “What is it?” I asked my wife, who woke me up. “Next time you make soup in the crockpot for Souper bowl Sunday, don’t forget to plug it in genius.” I thought to myself, it is great to have my intelligence held in such esteem. Now that the soup is plugged in, I guess I have time for my nap!

“Remember, every day is a gift! Some are just a little more fun to open than others. – © Joel M. Vernier 01/28/2020 Author of: “The Guinea Pig In The Freezer.”

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