New year, new decade, new life – first Gladwin County baby for 2020

BEAVERTON – Thousands of miles apart and connected only by the internet and love, one military couple from Beaverton, Faith and Silas Schultz, welcomed their first child, LunaLynn Evelyn Schultz. Born on Jan. 1, 2020, at 2:42 a.m., LunaLynn became the first Gladwin County baby to be born, not only in this year, but in this decade. And while the rest of Gladwin County may have been out celebrating the dawning of a new decade, the Schultz family might argue that they celebrated something far more significant, even if they couldn’t be together in person.

Silas Schultz serves in the United States Marine Corps, and is currently deployed oversees, rendering him unable to physically be present for the birth of their first child. Nevertheless, Silas was in the room with Faith thanks to an internet connection. 

“He was there every step of the way over the phone. He encouraged me and was even on videochat to witness the entire birth,” Faith said. 

Silas was deployed six months ago, when Faith was three months into her pregnancy. Knowing that she would have to be going through the pregnancy and delivery without her husband couldn’t have been easy, but thanks to a strong marriage, Faith didn’t feel alone. 

“It’s difficult going through a pregnancy and delivery in itself, whether you have your significant other or not. Handling it is easy when you know that person can’t be there, especially when you know they love you,” Faith said.

Faith gave birth to LunaLynn at Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids. Her unique name was a creation by the couple, to pay homage to some important people in their lives – both real and fictional. 

“I’m a nerd when it comes to Harry Potter so the Luna came from my favorite character in the series,” Faith explained. Luna Lovegood is a character in the Harry Potter series. Her character is know for her loyalty, creativity, and bravery – fitting qualities for the daughter of a marine. 

The second half of the name, Lynn, is Faith’s middle name, as well as Silas’s mother’s middle name. 

“Instead of having them seperately we put them together because they sounded so well together,” Faith said, going on to say that the middle name Evelyn was chosen to honor LunaLynn’s great-great-grandmother.

LunaLynn was loved and welcomed to the world by grandparents Shawn Burr, Trina Riggie, Tracy, John Fischer, Marcia and Cliff McMullen, and Ed and Lisa Schultz, as well as great-grandparents Crystal and Steve Burr, Tammy Cressman, Joyce Roy, and Bonnie Schultz.

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