GLADWIN COUNTY – This past Saturday, May 5, we had our general monthly meeting with 13 members present. Our President, Barb Curtindale, who was attending the National Genealogical Society Conference in Grand Rapids, could not be present at our meeting. Vice President Bill Boyd conducted the meeting. What we’re interested in sharing with everyone is that we did approve to release encumbered funds to the Gladwin County Library for the purchase of updated digital camera equipment for a digitizer. The purchase of two more powerful digital cameras will allow us to copy fragile older books, newspapers, maps and other materials without damaging the original sources of data. It was pointed out that our genealogy department will be utilizing this equipment the most and thus we unanimously opted for the upgrade.  

Jan Cartmill conducted an after meeting video program on DNA. The video was created by the Family Tree Library and was full of information on how to use the DNA results you will receive. The program stated that the three big DNA testing companies are Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA, and 23and Me. Per the handout we were given regarding DNA, a biology lesson about chromosomes was interesting – 23 pairs (22 autosomal pairs, 1 pair of sex chromosomes). Mr. Webster defines autosomal as any chromosome that is not a sex chromosome.

Sex chromosomes: Men have one X and one Y. Women have 2 X and no Y.

Twenty-two pairs of autosomal chromosomes: one of each pair are inherited from mother and one from father. Men receive their X chromosomes from their mother.

In addition, at the meeting it was stated that one of the new books that was donated to our genealogy library, was a very informative book titled; INDEX TO U.S. MILITARY PENSION APPLICATIONS OF REMARRIED WIDOWS FOR SERVICE BETWEEN 1812 AND 1911, by Virgil White. If you are having trouble locating a female family member who was a spouse of a veteran, who ​later remarried, this book may help to find your missing ancestor. Come in and see what other books we have that may help you with your family research, use our free computers that have access to

Our next general meeting is scheduled for Saturday, June 2, and our program for that date will be about the Rumminger Family and will be conducted by one of our genealogy members, Sonja Rumminger.