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GLADWIN COUNTY – Upon checking our documented acquisition file listings, we have decided to present the most recently added items to our genealogy library/room that have greatly enhanced our researchable resources. We are happy and excited to report that midway through 2019 we have been thought of by all those who possessed and donated materials that were brought to our Elsie M. Kelly genealogy room to be maintained and preserved for ongoing research.

1) Embroidery of the Roos family tree was acquired through the Historical Society. This item is undergoing refurbishment by our society. 

 2) The NEHG (New England Historical and Genealogical) Register, is a Journal of American Genealogy. These newly acquired six volumes numbered 169 (fall of 2015), 170 (spring, summer, fall and winter of 2016), and 172 (fall of 2018) are important additions to this ever growing and vast registry. 

3) Tracing Your Irish Ancestors, this is a 5th Edition source registry.

4) The HOW BOOK for Genealogists

5) History of Protestantism in Michigan of 1878

6) Images of America, Gladwin County

7) Unofficial Guide to familysearch.org

8) Irish History and Culture (Complete Idiots Guide)

9) Family Tree, German Genealogy Guide

10) Searching Internet World Wide Web

11) The Detroit Society for Genealogical Research Magazine, (winter of 1982)

12) “The Cedar”, 1946 Gladwin Rural Agricultural School, yearbook

13) The Fighting 36th, a Pictorial History, the Texas Division in Combat

14) 2nd Division Artillery Fort Lewis, Washington 1956

15) Station 10 Pacific wing AAF Air Transport Command

If anyone has interest in any of the above acquired material, you are welcome, as always, to come and view any and all of our existing resources. Thank you again, to all those who donated the above materials to our library.  

Our next monthly meeting will be on Saturday, Sept. 7, 2019 at 10 a.m. on the second floor above the library. Our scheduled presentation for that meeting will be conducted by Linda Buell and the topic will be “In search of Vikings”, your Norwegian heritage.

We are open Tuesday-Thursday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and post monthly Saturday meetings, until 4 p.m. 

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