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Graduating Senior’s Lyrical Dance received second overall: Kaitlyn McGuire, Kenzie Farison, Rhiannon Seiser, Brenna McKimmy, Lauren Shell, Emma Schwan, Mikayla Petherbridge.


After having missed all of its scheduled 2020 competitions due to COVID-19, the Gail Wildfong School of Dance is excited to announce the results of the Applause Talent Competition that took place in Grand Rapids on March 14.  

With a new COVID-safe format for the competition, there was definitely some enthusiastic energy in the air on competition day! It was evident all the dancers were overjoyed to be back on the stage doing what they love. The studio took over 60 dancers to compete in multiple routines, which included large groups, small groups, duets, and solos.  

The routines each received an adjudication score immediately after performing, and at the end of the evening the dancers also received several overall awards that ranked them against studios from across the state. The majority of the dances from the studio received a platinum adjudication, and a few earned a double platinum adjudication which is a difficult score for any dance to achieve.  

Double platinum awards went to Madi von Matt for her musical theater solo, Nicole Pollock and Madi Wendling for contemporary solos, as well as the Senior Modern and Senior Tap teams.  

Overall awards in the senior solo category with 50 competitors went to Brenna McKimmy (25th), Rhi Seiser (23rd), Madisyn Hamilton (21st), Lily McLaughlin (18th), Madi von Matt (13th), and Nicole Pollock (9th).  

Receiving an overall award in the teen “ovation” solo category with 30 competitors was Madi Wendling (8th). Teen “first call” overalls went to Deanna Pendergraft (8th), Kaelyn Wuelfing (5th), and Shannon Graham (1st). Duets receiving overall high scores were Alois Graveline and Madi Wendling (6th); Emma Schwan and Mikayla Petherbridge (9th); Madisyn Hamilton and Olivia Gutierrez (8th); Darby and Brenna McKimmy (6th). Faith Brubaker received second runner up for her solo as senior ovation Miss Applause. 

The following group dances also received awards beyond their original adjudication: Graduates Lyrical (2nd), Senior Modern (2nd and a judges’ award for staging), Senior Musical Theater (3rd), Senior Tap (3rd and All Star Kids), Pom (5th), Intermediate Jazz (1st), Junior Jazz (5th), and Junior Hip Hop (All Star Kids).   

The Gail Wildfong School of Dance wishes to congratulate all of the dancers who represented their studio and hometowns so well!

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