Joel Vernier

Wow, fall is almost here! It’s time for me to put away my light summer throw blankets and bring out my intermediate weight fall blankets! Fall blankets are decorated with leaves, cider mill scenes, and more. The days are growing shorter, the nights a getting cooler, and the leaves will soon be turning colors and, of course, falling! I’m thinking that’s how fall got its name, because of all the falling leaves.

It’s also time to put away the lawnmower and trimmer, to be replaced by the rakes and leaf vacuums for the smaller areas that you cannot get the rakes into, around the house, and close to the fence.

There are so many things about fall I love, I don’t know where to begin. The brilliant colors of autumn leaves set against a bright blue-sky day shows God’s majestic work that no photo or painter can duplicate. The sights and smells are different from every other season in Michigan. 

The leaves wet from a light rain over time give off an earthy, musty odor. Burning leaves have a distinct toasty aroma that attracts many to stand in front of the fire and to watch the colors blend together and give off a smoky flavor to the air.

In Michigan, it’s apple cider season! Almost every Michigander loves heading out to the cider mill for fresh-squeezed cider, a hot cinnamon donut, and a fresh-baked apple pie for later. I believe that this experience, along with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, gets us all prepared for winter.

Halloween is a child’s delight, filled with scary mysteries, goblins, witches, and monsters, “oh my!” The experience of going out trick or treating in a community setting, house to house; or trunk or treating; or costume parties that are competitive for the best, scariest, or most unique costume. And the candy.

Next up is Thanksgiving, a time when we celebrate all of the positive good things that have happened during the year. Many families get together and share stories, family traditions, and of course, food. Some do turkey, some ham, roast beef, and some vegetarian. It’s all good! Some do a virtual Zoom call using technology to get the family together; hopefully, many can get together in person this year.

Christmas makes many hope for snow so that it may be a “white Christmas,” which is easier for Santa’s sleigh. A very holy season for Christians. For many others, it is focused on the Christmas tree and the gifts under it. Others do not celebrate this holiday, some have other holidays, some do not! That is the beautiful thing about The United States of America; everyone has the freedom to choose.

Fall and the holidays are also a time that propagates depression in many. Please keep that in mind and reach out to people that may be at risk for depression. They may live alone, all ages, including the elderly. You may make a difference to people and give them a reason to believe in the season.

Next up is winter! The holidays let us ease into the trials and tribulations of winter. Snow, ice, power outages, treacherous walking conditions. Winter also offers many wonderful things, snowmobiles, skiing, quiet cold mornings to drink coffee and look out the windows. Every season has its own challenges and wonders. I love them all!

“Remember, every day is a gift! Some are just a little more fun to open than others.” – © Joel M. Vernier 09/06Fall Is/2021 Author of: “The Guinea Pig In The Freezer.”

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