The definition of Faithful is as follows: having or showing true and constant support or loyalty; deserving trust; keeping your promises or doing what you are supposed to do.

It is a very powerful word that not many people can keep anymore. Take a marriage for instance, or a relationship that word faithful gets thrown around a lot and many times are never kept. Many people fail miserably at this and not just in the physical sense, but also in the emotional and mental state. We take vows that say we will stand beside the other forever, but there are times and circumstances that this can be difficult and hard to maintain in the true sense of the word. For instance if a mate becomes stricken with a disease, alcoholism or Alzheimer’s, etc. how do you remain faithful (loyal) when such events happen? Sometimes it is necessary to be faithful and give your spouse the help they deserve while still remaining loving and supportive. It may be a rehabilitation center to help those overcome drugs or alcohol. An individual could seek professional help to give options to a couple encountering such hardships. A doctor could give a couple suggestions to get help at home for a patient with Alzheimer’s or perhaps a care facility that would still allow a spouse to come and go to visit and spend time with their partner. Sometimes it takes more love to let go than to remain in a situation where you will never win or have quality of life for the person that is sick or stricken with a terminal disease nor the spouse who is a caregiver. Being faithful you have to realize when you have done your best and must allow others to take over to care for someone you love.

Work and work ethics are another really sticky place where you are making promises that you are unable to keep or honor. Being faithful to your job and responsibilities can be very hard especially raising a family or contending with issues in your personal life. Being faithful here breaks down to good and honest communication with your Supervisor. It may mean taking a leave of absence to take care of your personal life or of getting your affairs at home in order. It may mean taking a Family Medical leave to care for a loved one. What it boils down to is if you are not able to complete your job to the best of your ability than it is your duty to speak up and do what you need to help your teammates at work by letting them know you need to take a break. Not easy as many feel that there could be a loss of a job but that is not necessarily the case, many supervisors not only admire your honesty, but will do all they can to help you through some rocky times.

Being faithful in a friendship means that you stand loyal to someone, but this does not mean standing loyal if your friend is doing something wrong. Sometimes being faithful is being brutally honest and direct. Calling out bad behavior or wrongdoing is something that everyone should be able to do. It may mean that a person does not want to be in the friendship any long and honestly sometimes that is not always a bad thing. You have to stand faithful to your values and morals first. It takes a very strong person to be able to say I am sorry I think you are wrong. So always stay faithful to yourself.

Helping others and being faithful to your promises – I think that this is really hard for some to fulfill. I see so many children that abandon their parents in their senior years. Some say it is too hard to see and that they can’t handle it. Some say that they do not have time. Some just allow others to care for their parents – shame on all of you who say this. It is selfish of you to take this stand.

Your parents never left you when you were young and demanding or difficult. Your parents made sure you were clothed and fed and cared for. I see so many adults that feel entitled to so many things, many that are just plain lazy and wait for others to do the hard work for them. It just sends me over the moon. Parents need and deserve for us to be faithful and loving for as long as they are here on this earth. They deserve our compassion and help.

Remain faithful in your life to others and to yourself. People will remember your loyalty long after you are gone.

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