Masonic lodge raffle drawing change of date

To the Editor:

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and all the restrictions that were placed on the interaction of people, places of business, and our own ability to meet and sell raffle tickets for our spring fundraiser, the State of Michigan granted the Gladwin Masonic Lodge an extension of our Spring Raffle drawing date from Thursday, May 14 (printed on the ticket stubs) until Thursday, July 16 at 10 a.m. All raffle tickets purchased from the Masonic lodge, either personally from a brother or bought at the Family Fare supermarket, are still valid and will be included in the July 16 drawing.

We still plan on selling raffle tickets at Family Fare and Family Farm and Home as soon as those restrictions are lifted on those business’, hopefully by the first of June. We would like to thank everyone who supports the Gladwin Masonic Lodge and it’s fundraisers and we hope to see everyone soon! Stay safe out there!


Tom Cortner, Worshipful Master

Dick Simmons, Secretary

Gladwin Masonic Lodge #397


Thank you

The Gladwin County Record would like to thank the Gladwin County Chapter of the Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel for their continued support and generous donation. We always enjoy the opportunity to support and promote our local community organizations and all of the wonderful work they do for Gladwin County. It isn’t an easy time for our local organizations, and we will do our best to show our support for them through the uncertainty. Thank you very much.


The Gladwin County Record Staff


Thank you for donations

To the Editor:

Sacred Heart Mission would like to thank all the people who have donated food, personal items as well as monetary donations. We are a part of a great community. We would like to especially thank Advanced Plumbing for helping us out when we had a pipe leak in our wall and Vic Bond for the parts which both of them donated their services. God bless these wonderful businesses for helping us. 

Aggie Mackie


A prayer for the church

To the Editor:

Today, dear friends, I offer a prayer first offered by the Rev. William Sloan Coffin some 50 years ago in his work as the pastor of the Riverside Church in New York City. It has been modified so as to fit our times and situation and is offered to each of you and to a Bible study of you for meditation and application.

A Prayer for the Church (and each of you) in these times

O God, whose mercy is ever faithful and ever sure, who art our refuge and our strength in time of trouble, visit us, we beseech thee, for we are a people in trouble. 

We need a hope that is made wide by experience and undaunted by disappointment. We need an anxiety about the future that shows us new ways to look at new things but does not unnerve us. As a people, we need to remember that our influence was greatest when our power was weakest. 

O God, be thou our sole strength, in times of trouble. In the midst of anxiety, grant us the grace to count our blessings, the simple and obvious ones and our more complicated ones. 

Most of all, we need to turn to thee, O God, and our crucified Lord, for only his humility and his strength can heal and free us. Amen.

And let us give thanks for the masks that can protect us, the distance that can free us, and the soap and water that can cleanse us.


Rev. Karen Blatt


Thank you

To the Editor:

To the community of Gladwin County,

We would like to take this time to thank the community that came to the celebration of life drive-by for Diane Boylen. It was a beautiful tribute in honor of her life. The expression of love was truly appreciated and touched the entire family.

Diane always loved our community and we are sure she was smiling down at all those who came to honor her life. 


The Larry Boylen Family


Our promise to you

 To the Editor:

As our region continues to face the challenges of COVID-19, MidMichigan Health remains committed to providing care to all of the communities we serve. During such a time of uncertainty, the energy we have had to persevere through this pandemic has truly come from you – our community.

We can’t thank you enough for the generous gifts of personal protective equipment, hand-crafted masks, monetary donations, handmade signs of gratitude on our campuses, and food deliveries for our staff. Our staff at MidMichigan Medical Center – Gladwin is touched by these random acts of kindness and goodwill. It is this support that has helped us through the storm.

With a very low inpatient volume and continued decrease of COVID-19 cases in our health system and service area, we have intentionally begun to schedule time sensitive surgeries and procedures for our patients. As your trusted health care provider, now more than ever, it is important to us that you feel safe to visit us for your care, and most importantly, to seek emergency care when every second counts.

First and foremost, we are experts in preventing the spread of infection. In addition to rigorous cleaning practices, we are instituting additional sanitizing protocols throughout our buildings. We have incorporated some temporary changes that you will see when you visit us. These changes include limiting the number of visitors in our buildings, symptom screening for those entering our facilities, and changes in entry ways and waiting rooms to ensure social distancing. And, in accordance with the Governor’s and CDC recommendations, our staff, patients and visitors are wearing masks. In addition, we have virtual care options and a MyMidMichigan portal that enables you to communicate with us virtually.

All of these measures are carefully put into place to provide safe, excellent care for you, our patients; it is our top priority.

We thank our communities who have been incredibly supportive to our health care workers throughout this challenging time. You have supported us and we are here to support you. It is our promise to you.

Thank you for entrusting your care to us.

Ray Stover, President

MidMichigan Health, Eastern Region

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