Troubling youth

To the Editor:

My husband and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the two Gladwin County police officers who came to our property on Riverview Rd. on July 11 in response to my husband’s call regarding two young men entering our barn without our permission.

The two boys are going to be seniors in High School (not in Gladwin) this coming school year and claimed that their grandmother’s husband told them that it was okay to go in our barn. The police informed them that they were in violation of the law and asked my husband if he wanted to press charges and have them arrested. They had been in the barn for a while. My husband saw them go by on the road that runs between our home and our barn, and because he didn’t see them go on down the road, he knew they had to have gone on our property.  

He drove around the barn and the property looking and didn’t see them but he did notice that the barn door wasn’t locked, so he locked it, consequently locking them inside the barn unknowingly. He came back to the house and was sitting on the deck when he happened to look up and there they were, standing on top of the low side of the barn, having climbed out the window seeking a way down to the ground. He called the police and wouldn’t let the boys leave until the police came. He chose not to press charges because they were so young. He thought that an arrest might keep them from certain career choices in the future.

I just wanted to let everyone out there know that if he had to make that decision again, he wouldn’t drop the charges. Later that night, the grandmother, step-grandfather and the parents of the ‘children’ had a loud, obnoxious party yelling “hands up, don’t shoot!” then laughing uproariously and playing nasty music.  

Apparently the boys didn’t come away from this brush with justice with the right lessons learned. Had I done something like this at their age, my parents would have marched me to the owners home and made me apologize and they would have been assured by my parents that it would never happen again. My parents would have made sure to thank that owner for not pressing charges. Did the parents or grandparents of these boys do that? Not one peep. If they are caught on our property again, they will be arrested and prosecuted for trespass without qualms. No good deed goes unpunished, apparently.

Rhonda Bateman, Gladwin


A special thanks

To the Editor:

Gladwin City Park would like to thank all of you for the tremendous outpouring of help, hard work, kindness, and sacrifice that was shown to us after the recent flood. Listed below is where all of the labor, giving and support came from.

Bethany Baptist Church, Grand Blanc, MI, Johnathan Wass, Mike McArthur, Susana Biddinger, Sue Biddinger, Grace Biddinger, Phyllissa Biddinger, Diana Erickson, Ceili Rondeau, Jemima Biddinger, the Peters, Killinger Friends and Family, Chuck and Rhonda Peters of Midland, Tim and Christine Killinger of West Branch, Josh, Shannon, Elijah and Alexandria Lalonde of Midland, William, Margret and Julia Oswald of Sanford, Don and Jackie Allen of West Branch, Craig and Barb Oswald of Sanford, Lloyd, Kendra, Colton, and Aaron Jewell of Sanford, Eric, Brittany, and Aubree Jenkins of West Branch, Eric, Kristen, Lexi, and Ethan Marshall of Auburn, Kevin, Allison, Ava and Hailey Killinger of West Branch, and of course, a special thank you to our park staff and the Gladwin DPW.

Brian Jungman

Gladwin Parks and Recreation


Thank you to supporters

To the Editor:

The Gladwin County V.F.W. 7303 Post and Auxiliary would like to thank all who supported our monthly steak dinner and corn beef and cabbage dinner. Thank you to all of our volunteer who put in the long hours of sacrifice to make it all happen. Also, thank you to all who supported our poppy drive. Thank you to Ace Hardware, Family Farm and Home in Gladwin and Fruchey Foods in Beaverton for allowing our workers at their establishments. 

Thank you to all who donated for our veterans. For all the people who came and offered a cold water or food to eat as we sat at our stations, thank you for your kindness and your compassion. Some of you went the extra mile and it means more than you’ll ever know. Most people think that this world has no good left, but being in a position to have kindness offered to you is a glimmer of hope for us that still burns. Our veterans need our help more now than ever. Our poppy drive is to help our local veterans and their families. Your giving makes it possible for our post to continue with the needs of our local veterans. 

Our monthly fundraisers have started along with our bingo and meetings. Come and support us. Wear your mask, social distancing along with all the guidelines are required. Have a great time while doing your part to help. Thank you again to all of you. God bless you all, God bless our troops and God bless America again. 


Elsie Henry

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