Brayden Mishoe drawings

Left: Gladwin Fire Chief, George Alward stands with Brayden who holds one of his drawings. Right: Brayden stands with his drawing and the donation money before dropping it off to the fire department.


Six year old, Brayden Mishoe of Gladwin has been drawing photos and selling them to raise donations for the Gladwin Fire Department. He recently had a fire safety day in his first grade class and wanted to help raise money so that fire fighters could give stuffed animals to kids who have lost their homes to fires, or those who were in an accident.

On Monday, October 25, Brayden’s mother, Kayla Mishoe drove him to the fire department to drop off the money he raised. In one day, Brayden was able to raise $200 by selling his drawings. 

“I am very proud of him,” Kayla said. “He came home really excited about the fire safety day at school and the first thing he said was that he wanted to give money to the fire fighters so they can buy bears for kids. I asked him what he thought we could do to raise money and jokingly suggested cleaning houses, and he laughed and said, ‘No! I want to sell my art work.’”

The Gladwin Fire Department is very thankful to have Brayden’s artistic talents on their side. Gladwin Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief, Greg Alward was amazed by the efforts of the young man. 

“For a six year old to think about doing something like this, that’s really unheard of.”

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