A&W grand opening

Vehicles line up at A&W in Beaverton for its opening day on Monday, June 29.

BEAVERTON – The A&W restaurant in Beaverton had its grand opening last Monday, June 29. Ever since the business opened its doors to the public, vehicles have been wrapped around the building in line for a drive-thru order. 

A&W is a well-known fast food restaurant that serves “All American Food” including burgers, hot dogs, fried chicken, and ice cream treats. What they are most famous for is their signature root beer. 

Located across M-18 from the newly established splash park in Beaverton, A&W draws in a large crowd of locals who have spent their time outside. With temperatures passing 90 degrees during A&W’s opening weeks, locals are surely eager to enjoy ice cream treats or a cold root beer drink. 

“Beaverton is the perfect place for this,” A&W employee Mya Crane said. “And with the opening happening right before the Fourth of July, and right across from the splash park, it worked out really well.” 

Mya will be going into her senior year at Beaverton High in the fall. With the cancelations of Michigan schools in the spring, her new job at A&W has been keeping her busy. 

“So far, I’ve worked every day since the opening,” she said. 

Other than a carbon dioxide tank that was emptied as an oversight, Mya believes the grand opening went very well. 

“The tank was only filled enough for our training and it wasn’t enough to take us through the entire day,” she said. 

With the tank emptying later in the day, she believes there was not much of a loss from it. 

Even before the grand opening, Mya and her coworkers were hard at work with the corporate trainers sent in by A&W to prepare the workers for the opening rush. According to Mya, the trainers would issue different scenarios for the workers to handle by labeling the days by color. 

“Red days were the hardest,” Mya said. “We had a red day where they come up with the most complicated orders they can think of for us to put together, and we did it.”

Mya believes that the opening was a lot to handle, but that the training definitely helped to prepare her and her coworkers for it.

Monday, July 6, one week after the grand opening, was the first day that the crew worked without the trainers onsite.

“It went really well,” Mya said. “It’s been a learning process for everyone, but I think we all have everything down now.” 

With the grand opening taking place amidst a global pandemic, there have been some changes to the way the business is ran such as employees wearing face masks and continuously sanitizing tables. However, the workers learned these practices during their training and Mya believes they will continue to do as they have learned even after some of the state orders have been lifted. 

“It’s something that will stick with all of us, we will continue to work the way we have learned and we will only be better for it,” she said. 

Beaverton local, Matt Lang is the franchise owner for the A&W. He first announced the development of the restaurant at a Beaverton Town Hall meeting in January.

"We have a great group of team members, who have worked really hard to get us where we are and every day we are working to get better," Matt said. "We are very happy to be open for the community to enjoy and we can’t say enough about the overwhelming response we’ve received so far."

Matt has been very active with the restaurant in all of its stages, according to Mya. 

“He stays involved in everything,” she said. “He took part in the training with us and he constantly hops in anywhere that needs help.” 

The Beaverton A&W is located in the old Comerica Bank building off of M-18. The hours of operation are Sunday-Thursday from 10:30 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. and Friday-Saturday from 10:30 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. If you plan to drive through, don’t be surprised to find a long line of others waiting to enjoy Beaverton’s newest addition.

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