New business plants roots in Gladwin

Teri Kelley stands at the storefront of her newly open shop, Serendipite Organiques.

GLADWIN – Teri Kelley sat down in her newly opened organics store Serendipite Organiques to talk about business ownership, life, and the importance of community.

Serendipite Organiques is an organics store that focuses mostly on bath and body products as well as a few others from companies that are transparent, never greenwash, and always disclose all of their product’s ingredients.

 “Everything I carry has organic or non-GMO materials.” Kelley said. “Anything you need to take care of your body head to toe. Anything from shampoo to deodorant, to moisturizes and makeup.” 

Kelley mentioned that she carries 10 different lines of products one of which is an organic dog care line.

The business originally opened on June 7, 2012 in Grand Rapids. Kelley was able to move the business to Gladwin and open up shop on Saturday, Jan. 18. 

“How this all came to be is very serendipitous. Everything fell so beautifully together it’s almost as if the universe was propelling us north,” Kelley said.

 For a long time, Kelley and her husband had been inclined to move the business to Gladwin before they were able to make it happen. She has family that owns the local Piper’s Pub. 

The vacant business spot popped up while Kelley was browsing furniture online. She claimed that once she spoke with the owners of the building she also learned about an apartment that was available.

Kelley hopes that she will soon be closing on a house in the area that she has been speaking with her realtor about. Her husband plans on moving up with her once he has concluded his job obligations back in Grand Rapids.

The location changes have been almost entirely positive according to Kelley.

“I’ve never felt so warmly and positively supported and welcomed as I have here.” She said.

Kelley talked about the difference in customers from Grand Rapids as opposed to Gladwin. The customers that she worked with in her first week were much more personable and in depth than most confrontations she had in her previous location.

“I want to build relationships here, I don’t want people to just be customers. I want them to feel at home when they come in and I want to talk about their lives,” Kelley said.

Seeing her customers as not only customers but also as people with lives of their own and even potentially as friends is something Kelley strongly stands by.

She announced that she does not have any planned changes for the store as of yet. Although she believes in order to adapt to a new location, some future changes may need to be made.

For the time being, Kelley is the only employee at the store. She plans on including her sister in the near future. If so, Kelley said it is possible that she will then make adjustments to the hours of operation.

“One thing I’ve learned as a business owner in the past is that I have to have balance in my life,” Kelley said. 

Making room for family and personal time is a must according to Kelley. The business is a major role in her life, but she believes that it cannot be something that overwhelms.

Serendipite Organiques is located at 227 W. Cedar Ave. in downtown Gladwin and is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday – Friday, and 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Saturday.

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