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EDITOR’S INBOX - Gladwin County Record and Beaverton Clarion: Letters To The Editor


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Posted: Tuesday, October 23, 2012 4:15 pm

Greetings from the Gas Lady

To the Editor:

Once again Gladwin wins the Booby Prize. While its true we’re actually under the national average, for a change, we still have very expensive gas. We can do better. Midland gas was $3.30 and $3.40. Even Beaverton was $3.46 and $3.47, Gladwin was $3.64.

It doesn’t matter who we pick to be at fault. The one and only “excuse” for this is “Greed”.


Mary Marcum


Class of ‘62 reunion thanks

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Class of 1962, a special thank you goes to Becky Heath Breault and Pam Behnke Heffner for the months of hard work they put forth on our 50th Class Reunion.

What a wonderful time we had seeing old friends and reminiscing of the good old days.

The turnout was amazing and the food was great. The bowling alley in Gladwin was the perfect place to enjoy the evening. It was so special.


Pat Cameron-Haring


Habitat Fundraiser a success

To the Editor:

I would like to thank everyone who donated and worked to make Gladwin County Habitat for Humanity 12th Fundraising Dinner a great success.

Thank you to our benefactors and donors: Knights of Columbus for donation of the facility, Beaverton Church of the Brethren for a magnificent home made dinner, and Ace Hardware, Beaverton Quilters, Beaverton Tavern, Norma Becker, Blue Ribbon Bakery, Buckeye Market, The Camp Restaurant, Chemical Bank, Carol Clayton, Create-It, Joan; David and Doug Jacobson, Delena’s Family Restaurant, Gary and Florence DeShano, Dish Network, Endless Journey Internet, Mary Ann Eppley, Flower Scents, Gladwin Hair Care, Jenkins Jewelers, Carole Krecioch, Lang’s Pizza, Bob and Shareen Lenders, Marlene Losey, Lyle’s Flowers, Main Street Health Club, Mary Marcum, Myers for Tires, Northern Espresso, Oasis Salon and Spa, PJ’s Cut and Curl Salon, Andy and Linda Parisi, Pepper Mill Restaurant, Pizza Hut, Ned Rambo, Smokin’ Hot Tobacco Shop, Subway, Sugar Springs Golf Club, Sun and Suds Tanning, The Camp, Frank E. Ward Company, Jeri Webster, and Lynn Wright.

Our Board of Directors: Jessica Aman, President; David Sprang, 1st Vice President; Corrine Wood, 2nd Vice President; Jovita Olsen, Treasurer; Bob Lenders; Lowell Mallett; Roger Millhisler; Bob Schnepp; and Carol Thompson.

Gladwin County Habitat for Humanity was started in 1989 by a group of men and women from Beaverton and Gladwin. This group of dedicated volunteers has changed and grown over the years, but together with generous donations from our community they have built 34 homes in Gladwin County for low-income families. Habitat for Humanity is a hand-up not a handout, thank you to everyone who helps us keep this mission going.

Thank you,

Julie Lennon

Executive Director

Habitat for Humanity

In response to Shayne Wheeler

To the Editor:

I had to go to Saginaw the first week of October, gas in Gladwin, $3.97, gas in Saginaw $3.74. Yesterday, Oct. 18, I went to Midland, gas in Midland, $3.54; gas in Gladwin, $3.67 – same old thing. Now, in response to Shayne Wheeler, first of all I don’t think people feel it is a waste of time and energy to exercise their right to express their opinion. Now, concerning the ownership of stations, the stations in Beaverton, Coleman or Midland are also owned by larger, out of town corporations. Yet their prices are much below Gladwin a vast majority of the time. In regard to other local business operations, I patronize them almost daily, but this is not about the cost of a head of lettuce or a sandwich, this is about the high cost of gas.

Don McCurdy

Gladwin County

Seebeck Fund placing drop boxes

To the Editor:

Once again The Seebeck Charitable Fund is placing the drop boxes for Toys For Kids and hoping that they will be filled with toys, games and gifts to help the struggling families in Gladwin County have a very Merry Christmas. You can help us by dropping off new unwrapped toys, games or gifts in one of our drop boxes located in the following locations: McDonalds Restaurant, Chemical Bank Beaverton, White Star, “Stone House” and Downtown Gladwin. Dollar General Beaverton and both locations in Gladwin, Shopko, Merchandise Outlet, Mr. M’s Pizza & Lounge, The Brook, Burger King and The Oak Outlet Gladwin as well as The Hearth Restaurant in Sugar Springs.

Distribution will be earlier this year, Dec. 15, 2012 at the Knights of Columbus Hall on M-18 in Gladwin, so our boxes are going out a couple weeks earlier than usual. If you prefer to let us do the shopping, you can mail or drop off your donations to: Seebeck Family Charitable Fund, 127 E. Maple St. Gladwin, MI 48624. All donations are used to benefit the residents of Gladwin County. The Seebeck Family Charitable Fund has been doing this program for over 30 years, and is always so thank full for the generosity of all the donors.

We will be doing an advertisement for Toys For Kids as we get closer to Christmas. THANK YOU!!

Fran Seebeck


VFW thanks participants

To the Editor:

Gladwin County VFW 7303 Post and Auxiliary would like to thank everyone who participated in our pork chop fundraiser. Thank you to our working team, as always. Everything was great. Look for our upcoming events. God Bless you all and God bless America,


Elsie Henry


A miraculous story

To the Editor:

A wonderful true story eleven years ago April, our oldest son Rick was killed. Only a parent that has lost a child can even began to imagine what it is like.

Ten years ago this fall our granddaughter, Anna (Rick’s daughter), started her freshmen class at college. Her first assignment was to write a story, make copies for each of the other classmates, so you could get a study buddy and critique all the stories.

Anna wrote a six-page story about her deceased dad. After class a male classmate walked up to Anna and said, “Wow, you had a wonderful dad, I never knew my dad.” Anna looked into her classmate’s eyes and made an instant connection of, wow, I like you. Her new friend Kevin asked for her telephone number and gave Anna his.

Anna decided to call her new friend, and her and Kevin talked for over three hours. When Kevin’s mom came home from work she did something she seldom ever did, she checked caller ID to see whom her son had been talking to for three hours. She read the name that came up on her caller ID and walked away, stunned. She finally asked Kevin whom he was talking to, he told her about his new friend, and added that he really liked her.

Finally Kevin’s mom broke down and cried and told her son that the lady named Anna he was talking to was his sister, that Rick Germain was his dad. She told Kevin every time he asked about his dad growing up, that she would never tell anyone who the father was, cause his father never knew, she had broke up with her boyfriend and started going with Rick, then broke up with Rick to go back with her boyfriend, who knew the baby was not his but didn’t care, and after being with her a few years he moved on, it was her choice to raise her son alone. But now she had to tell her son the truth.

Just imagine the shock and pain, Kevin finds out who his father is, and he has passed away. Anna freaked out, and was not happy to find out her friend was probably her brother, she had a brother Ricky, 14, Anna told her mom, but her mom knew nothing about the story, an figured it was someone coming forward to try to claim some of the money from Rick’s death. Rick’s death was an accident so there was some money to be divided between his wife and children. Anna had been the oldest grandchild, and a bunch of other stuff came into play, but she decided to remain friends, also Ricky was not happy to find out that he was not his dad’s only son, but also chose to remain friends.

For ten years Anna Ricky and Kevin stayed in touch, by phone, visits, and at times letters.

Last October my husband, also, Richard Germain and I got a telephone call from our Linda, Ricky and Anna’s mom, she told us we had a grandson, Kevin, now 31, looked just like her son Ricky, and he was an awesome man. Anna and Ricky had finally decided it was the right time to share their brother Kevin with the rest of their family.

We had a thousand questions at least to ask her, like when can we meet Kevin, etc. The meeting was set up for a restaurant in Mt. Morris in two weeks.

For two weeks all I could do was cry and thank God for a new grandson, I could hardly sleep, he was on my mind the whole two weeks. The morning we headed to Mt. Morris to meet Kevin, I stopped at my weekly prayer meeting and asked them to pray hard for me, cause I wanted to quit crying and get to know Kevin.

We picked up our youngest son Corey and drove to the restaurant, Corey said, “we won’t ask for DNA, cause if he wants to be part of our family, whether he is or not, it doesn’t matter.”

Our Linda was outside waiting for us, we walked up to her and greeted the young man beside her, with, “Hi Ricky.” but on getting closer, it was not Ricky that smiled at us and said, “Hi, grandma and grandpa.”

We had a wonderful day, such joy, so much happiness, exchanged telephone numbers, and as I walked away, I turned for one more hug, and whispered in Kevin’s ear, “I didn’t even cry,”

We have spent hundred’s of hours together, all the holidays, and lots of time in between,

How do I get across to you all, my readers, and, friends all the joy we feel, Kevin is so much like our son Rick, looks more like him than Ricky does, is highly educated like his dad was, a giver not a taker, and so proud to call us his grandparents, we love Kevin so, and he us.

I have tried to put this wonderful miracle into words, but words just don’t do it justice.

So I will end this with, “Thank you God for loving us so much that you not only gave us your son, but thank you God for loving us so much that you sent us our son’s son, to share his life with us, and us to share our lives with Kevin.” What are the odds of this wonderful happening?

Verla Germain


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