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Gladwin County Record and Beaverton Clarion: Flight Tracking

Flight Tracking

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    Budget-Friendly Summer Travel Tips

    (StatePoint) Americans collectively neglect 430 million vacation days annually, according to the 2014 Oxford Economics analysis. Whatever your reasons for sacrificing vacation, don’t let it be finances.

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    Tips For Planning A Family Vacation

    (NAPSI)—When it comes to creating a memorable vacation, planning and scheduling are key. That’s the word from travel experts, such as those at Expedia, who say Americans collectively let half a billion paid days off go to waste last year.

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    Sailing Away To The Baltics

    (NAPSI)—Ancient sights, romantic nights and days filled with delights can be found when you take your family on a cruise to the Baltics—made up of countries surrounding the Baltic Sea—a breathtaking region that is gaining popularity as a travel destination. More than 4 million travelers cruise around there every year.

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