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Gladwin County Record and Beaverton Clarion: Kitchen Bed Bath

Kitchen Bed Bath

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Heat your home without wasting energy this season

(BPT) - If you’re interested in living a greener lifestyle, perhaps you’re already trying to reduce your energy usage as much as possible. Maybe you ride your bike to work, unplug your electronics when they’re not in use, use fans during warm weather and avoid wasting water.

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Thursday 08/13/2015
The Power of the Shower: 6 Tips to Freshen Up Your Bathroom
Updated: August 13, 2015 - 4:34 am

(StatePoint) Some people hop in the shower first thing in the morning. Others prefer to save the experience for winding down at the end of the day. No matter your preference, there are a number of ways to easily transform your shower space into a productive, relaxing oasis.

Tips for Improving Your Kitchen for Entertaining
Updated: August 13, 2015 - 4:34 am

(StatePoint) If your home is the one your family and friends gravitate to for parties and seasonal celebrations, you need to make sure it can handle all that attention. Upgrading your kitchen can be one of the most rewarding home improvement projects for those who entertain frequently.

Four Common Kitchen Cleaning Conundrums, Solved
Updated: August 13, 2015 - 4:34 am

(StatePoint) The kitchen is the perfect place for family time, entertaining and socializing. With all this activity, it’s bound to get a little disorganized. What’s more, the kitchen is actually listed as the “germiest” area in the home, according to a study by NSF International (the National Sanitation Foundation).

Wednesday 08/12/2015
3 smart, sensational ways to customize your shower experience
Updated: August 19, 2015 - 4:33 am

(BPT) - Any real estate agent will tell you great bathrooms help sell homes. But what if you’re not planning to sell any time soon and still want to have a memorable, attention-grabbing room? Start by upgrading your shower; it’s the heart of creating an amazing bathroom.

Tuesday 07/28/2015
Splurge versus save: High end kitchen design that won't break the bank
Updated: August 04, 2015 - 4:33 am

(BPT) - Ninety-eight percent of people believe good design enhances their daily lives, and they’re willing to pay more for products that truly reflect their own personal style and aesthetic, according to a new study from Dwell. Drawing the line between “splurging” on those premium items that bring a design vision to life and finding ways to “save” money on the backend can sometimes be a bit challenging, though.

Wednesday 07/01/2015
Ceiling improvements can get things looking up in your kitchen
Updated: July 08, 2015 - 4:33 am

(BPT) - When you’re planning a full kitchen renovation, or even just a few choice upgrades, counter tops, cabinets, appliances and flooring command your attention. But do you ever look up? Unless a lightbulb burns out or you want to replace a light fixture, you probably don’t think much about the ceiling in your kitchen or other rooms.

Wednesday 06/24/2015
Dress up your floors with top tile trends
Updated: July 01, 2015 - 4:33 am

(BPT) - If you are renovating any area of your home, it may be time to try something new—such as bringing tile into main living areas in addition to your bathrooms and kitchen. New designs, styles and technologies are making tile the most versatile and accessible flooring material.

Friday 05/22/2015
Floor your house guests with creative design twists
Updated: May 29, 2015 - 4:33 am

(BPT) - Hardwood flooring brings enduring beauty, charm and value to a home. Not content to keep a good thing underfoot, inspired homeowners are now finding new and creative locations to use it for a dramatic effect.

Wednesday 05/20/2015
Find space with grace, the best positioning for items around your house
Updated: May 27, 2015 - 4:34 am

(BPT) - Equations are for more than just math class; did you know there’s a proper order of operations for your home, too? Whether it’s arranging your couch and television for optimal viewing or making sure towel bars are right within reach, knowing a few key numbers can help you determine the ideal place for each item in your home – creating spaces that look great and are easy-to-use.

Wednesday 05/13/2015
Great Products for People Who Hate Mornings
Updated: May 13, 2015 - 4:33 am

(StatePoint) Do the words “rise and shine” make you cringe? Face it -- you’re just not a morning person. Luckily, there are many products out there that can help you get out of bed... and even on the right side.

Tuesday 05/12/2015
Save water - and money - in the most budget-draining room in your house
Updated: May 19, 2015 - 4:33 am

(BPT) - Certain home appliances and features have a reputation for being energy and money wasters; everyone knows the air conditioner draws more electricity and old, leaky windows boost utility bills. But are you aware of the room in your home that uses – and wastes – the most water?

Thursday 05/07/2015
Top Time-Saving Tips for Household Chores
Updated: May 07, 2015 - 4:33 am

(StatePoint) On average, people spend more than two hours daily on such household activities as cleaning and organizing, according to the 2013 American Time Use Survey by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. But there’s no need to spend the bulk of precious free time achieving a spotless home.

Thursday 04/09/2015
Why DIY? Projects can pay you back big time
Updated: April 16, 2015 - 4:34 am

(BPT) - Hiring professionals to get jobs done around the house may be convenient, but it can set your budget back quite a bit. Instead, consider doing it yourself – not only to save big bucks but also to showcase your creativity. Do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvement is a major trend that will pay you back many times over.

Wednesday 04/08/2015
4 sensible, affordable ways to give your bathroom spa-like panache
Updated: April 15, 2015 - 4:34 am

(BPT) - Americans’ love of a spa-like bathroom experience continues to be strong, with industry watchers reporting that luxurious touches like freestanding bathtubs, separate vanities and top quality materials remain in demand. But if you’ve delayed renovating your bathroom, thinking that creating the ultimate spa at home won’t fit your space, budget or lifestyle, think again. It’s possible to create a spa experience that’s as sensible, space appropriate and affordable as it is lavish.

Monday 04/06/2015
Refreshing your kitchen? What you need to know about the kitchen sink
Updated: April 13, 2015 - 4:34 am

(BPT) - If the kitchen is the heart of your home, it would be easy to make the case that the sink is the heart of your kitchen. It’s where you prepare foods, clean dirty hands and scrub dishes before the next culinary project. It's also one of the best features to update when planning a kitchen remodel, thanks to new technology and designs aimed at improving how well kitchen sinks perform.

Friday 03/27/2015
6 things you should never do when renovating a kitchen
Updated: April 03, 2015 - 4:34 am

(BPT) - Whether you’ve heard it in the office, a classroom or a soccer field, that old saying about mistakes being valuable learning tools really rings true, doesn’t it? If those mistakes occur during the course of a kitchen renovation, however, it may be difficult to be philosophical about them. Bungle a kitchen redesign, and you’ll either have to live with the consequences for a long time or invest even more money to correct them.

Friday 03/20/2015
Ahead of the curve: Demystifying 2015 kitchen design trends
Updated: March 27, 2015 - 4:34 am

(BPT) - Every new year brings along new design trends, with homeowners often feeling the pressure to mix up their kitchen interiors to keep things current. But the truth is, when embarking on any renovation project, incorporating more timeless (and less trendy) assets will save both time and money in the long run. This ensures any kitchen styling stays current and “fits in” no matter which way the design pendulum swings.

Friday 02/27/2015
Raise your rooms to new heights with eye-catching ceilings
Updated: March 06, 2015 - 4:39 am

(BPT) - Want to infuse your home with architectural interest? Start at the top.

Thursday 02/26/2015
Operation safety: Tips to make every bath a safe bath
Updated: March 05, 2015 - 4:40 am

(BPT) - Does your bathroom need a makeover? Go beyond functional and stylish updates and consider upgrades that add an element of safety, too. A few affordable, small updates can dramatically affect your bathroom's level of safety while still providing a look you’ll love.

Got an hour? Quick hits for updated kitchens and baths
Updated: March 05, 2015 - 4:40 am

(BPT) -  Busy has become a way of life. Between work, household chores, time with family and friends, people often don’t have time to complete that entire wish list of home updates. Luckily, there are several simple kitchen and bath projects that you can conquer in minimal time that deliver maximum style and functional impact. In fact, here are a few projects that can be completed in about an hour or less.

Thursday 02/19/2015
Building a Pro Kitchen for Less
Updated: February 19, 2015 - 4:32 am

(StatePoint) You may not get paid for your culinary efforts at home, but you can still treat yourself to a professionally outfitted kitchen. If the idea of financing this upgrade has held you back in the past, consider different options that can help you affordably transform your ordinary space into the kitchen of your dreams.

Turn Your Bathroom into a Relaxing Oasis
Updated: February 19, 2015 - 4:32 am

(StatePoint) Time spent in the bathroom can be precious, as it may be your only solo time. When prioritizing home upgrades, consider first transforming a ho-hum, conventional bathroom into an oasis of comfort, style and ultimate relaxation.

Tuesday 01/13/2015
Common Sense Upgrades to Make Your Bathroom Safer
Updated: February 12, 2015 - 4:31 am

(StatePoint) From burns to slips to trips, bathrooms can be hazardous. In fact, hundreds of thousands of injuries occur in the bathroom annually, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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